Up To 40% discount available on All Courses For JEE, NEET & CBSE

Scholarship Criteria Scholarship Discount Scholarship Eligibility
95 <=marks 40% Off More Than 95% marks (aggregate)
in CBSE 12th, ICSE or any State Board
90 <=marks < 95 35% Off From 90% to 95% marks (aggregate)
in CBSE 12th, ICSE or any State Board
80 <= marks < 90 30% Off From 80% to 90% marks (aggregate)
in CBSE, ICSE or any State Board
Scholarship for 10th Class (CBSE Board)
10 CGPA 40% Off 10 CGPA
9 <=CGPA<10 35% Off From 9 to 10 CGPA
Below 9 30% Off Less than 9 CGPA

ETOOSINDIA Scholarship

  • Available Courses : Discount applicable on VOD, DVD, Pen Drive and Mobile courses.
  • Eligibility : Class 11th, 12th & 13th
  • Benefit : Up to 40% Off
  • Document Required : Scan or photo copy of original Mark sheet issued by CBSE, ICSE or State Board.
    In case of Class 11th and 13th Marks sheet of 10th and 12th are required respectively.
    JEE Mains & Advanced result receipt with registration no. & DOB.

To avail the scholarship please follow the procedure mentioned below

  • Click on the BROWSE button to attach the marksheet.
  • Once through with this, click on SUBMIT.
  • After the marksheet has been submitted to us, you will receive a confirmation mail of receipt of marksheet.
  • The time frame required to authenticate your eligibility would be 48 hours within which you'll be notified by our team.
  • Validity of coupon code will be one month from the day when you receive it.