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CBSE Internal Assessment: Changes in Assessment process for 2023
29 Jul, 2022

In a recent change of events, Sir Anurag Tripathi, the CBSE secretary has made an announcement that the board is about to introduce conglomerate modifications in the CBSE internal assessment process of the boards exam 2023. According to the reports it said that changes will be made to make the assessment process more comprehensive, skill-based, and competency-based. 

Read More: CBSE Internal Assessment: 5 Major Changes in the assessment Process For 2023

CBSE 2023 Syllabus Class 12- Check Subject Wise Syllabus
09 Jul, 2022

CBSE 2023 Syllabus Class 12 Subject Wise Syllabus

CBSE board exams are of vital importance and play a crucial role in shaping the future of the students. Due to the ongoing covid-19 variant the students could not attend the school, due to which the board changed the one year exam scheme to two-term in a single year. Now with the approaching year the board has decided to give way to the two term exam policy and has rolled back to its traditional mode of conducting exams. And thus with a change in the exam schemes there has been a change in the CBSE 2023 syllabus as well. To get the college of your dreams and to do that you need to score high. To score high you need to get well acquainted with the revised syllabus. 


CBSE 2023 Syllabus Class 12


Following is a list of subjects to help you with CBSE 2023 syllabus:


CBSE 2023 syllabus: Physics                                                                       

Unit        Topics        weightage




Chapter 1           

Electric Charges and Fields

Chapter 2

Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance


Current Electricity

Chapter 3

Current Electricity


Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism


Chapter 4

Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 5

Magnetism and Matter


Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

Chapter 6

Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 7

Alternating Current


Electromagnetic Waves


Chapter 8

Electromagnetic Waves



Chapter 9

Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Chapter 10

Wave Optics


Dual Nature of Matter


Chapter 11

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter


Atoms & Nuclei

Chapter 12


Chapter 13



Electronic Devices


Chapter 14

Semiconductor Electronics


Communication Systems

Chapter 15

Communication Systems


Practical Work





CBSE 2023 syllabus: chemistry






Solid State








Chemical Kinetics



Surface Chemistry


Isolation of Elements


p-Block Elements


d-and f-Block Elements



Coordination Compounds


Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers


Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids



Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen







Chemistry in Everyday Life


Practical Work



Volumetric Analysis



Salt Analysis



Content Based Experiment



Class record, project work & viva





CBSE 2023 syllabus: Biology









Genetics & Evolution



Biology & Human Welfare



Biotechnology & its Applications



Ecology & Environment



Practical Work





CBSE 2023 syllabus: Mathematics






Relations and Functions









Vectors and 3-D Geometry



Linear Programming








Now that you are well acquainted with the CBSE online 2023 Syllabus Class 12, the next step towards scoring high in the CBSE board exam is to follow smart tips and tricks that will bring you closer to your dreams. The exams bring a lot of stress and anxiety among students to overcome this exam fear. We have some of the very practical tips that will help you score high in the CBSE exam.


  1. Follow a schedule

Be it 10th boards exam, 12th boards or any competitive exam, every exam preparation demands the following up of a proper study schedule. Set daily targets and try to achieve them on a daily basis. Make sure to include your interest and hobbies as well in this time table. 

  1. Get familiar with the exam pattern

To get an idea of the types of questions that come in the CBSE 2023 exam paper it is essential to get familiar with the cbse 10th exam pattern. Knowing the exam pattern helps you with the type of questions that are asked in the exam and their weightage.

  1. Solve previous question paper

Practicing previous years question papers will give you an insight into the real exam. When you are acquainted with the type of questions that come in the exam, the chances of you scoring high increases. It also helps you improve your speed and accuracy. 

  1. Take short breaks

While studying for long hours, take small breaks in between. Study for 40-45 minutes straight and take a 15 minutes break. Long hours of study can make you feel tired and hence it is essential to take small breaks. Small breaks will help you concentrate better. This tip will help you with CBSE 2023 Syllabus Class 12.

  1. Stay healthy and fit

Healthy body helps to keep your mind healthy. To cover the CBSE 2023 syllabus well, it is important to take a healthy diet to keep yourself healthy. Practice meditation and exercise to keep your mind healthy. 




Will there be CBSE boards in 2023?

Yes, there will be a CBSE board exam in 2023. The board has made several changes in the exam policy.

How many hours should I study in Class 10?

It is recommended to study for 7-10 hours for CBSE 2023 class 10th boards.

How can I top in the CBSE exam?

Following are the tips that will help you top CBSE exam: 

  1. Prepare a proper time table

  2. Get acquainted with the syllabus

  3. Prepare notes

  4. Stay regular on revision

  5. Practice previous years question paper

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CBSE Board Exam 2023: How to Prepare for CBSE Class 10th for 2023
21 Jun, 2022

Prepare CBSE Board Exams 2023

Be it school-level exams or university-level exams, exams always leave the students with stress. The first time the students face the dilemma of the actual board exam is in the 10th class. The student is always roped with the question of how how to score high in the board exam pf CBSE class 10 because they obviously have the fear of appearing for the board exam for the first time. It is important to get a good score in the CBSE board exam because these exams decide what field you should opt for later in the future. Here are CBSE Class 10 Online Preparation Tips.

To excel in CBSE 2023 exam you not only need to work hard but also smart. These exams are crucial as they have a huge impact on the student’s mental health. Being nervous about the board exam is normal but adopting the right strategies to excel in this exam is important. 

Tips to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2023:

Here are some of the tips that will help you champion the Class 10 CBSE board exam:

  1. A proper planner

You might study day and night but might not excel what could be the reason in such a case? The reason is the need for a proper study schedule or a proper planner. A proper -planner or timetable gives equal time to all the subjects and topics that will help you cover the whole syllabus. When you are following a timetable you are bound to follow it. It makes it easy for you to know what to study next. Add small breaks to this timetable. While forming this timetable set daily goals and try o accomplish them by the end of the day. This will not only help you finish your CBSE Board syllabus on time but will also give you a sense of accomplishment. 

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus

No matter how hard you are studying, it is all in vain if you are not familiar with the syllabus. Not being familiar with the syllabus can lead to missing out on a few topics that might be of good weightage and this can cost you in the actual exam. While going through the syllabus mark the important topics and the topics that you are weak at. 

  1. A smart tip

This is one of the best tips to cover your CBSE board exam syllabus. You do not need to have too much on your plate. Avoid taking all the easy topics in one day and the difficult ones in one. Follow a mix and match strategy instead. In your day take a combination of topics that includes both easy and difficult ones. Doing all the hard ones in a single day can make you feel frustrated. So, follow the given strategy to avoid this. 

  1. No new topics

Keep the night before exams only for revisions. Do not pick any new topic, this will only make things difficult for you. Your focus should be on understanding rather than cramming the topics. When you learn and understand something by heart it makes it easy for you to pen down your knowledge whereas when you cram something you do not remember it for long. 

  1. Flow charts and diagrams will help

It is a fact that visuals help you learn faster and more efficiently than words. While revising take the help of flow charts and diagrams as they help you get a quick insight into the key concepts and information associated with it. 

  1. Small breaks are a must

Boards exams require long hours of study and such long hours of studies can make you feel bored and frustrated to avoid this you need to take a 10-15 minutes break after every hour. This will keep you fresh and help you concentrate better.

  1. Revisions are important

When appearing for exams like CBSE board exam class 10 you need to stay up to date with your revision. No matter how good of coaching classes you are attending and how many long hours you are devoting to your studies, if you are not regular on revisions then it is all in vain. Revisions help you get a strong hold on the topics and let you know your strong and weak areas. Revisions help you remember what you have studied already. The more you revise the more you will be able to champion in your syllabus.

  1. Practice previous year’s question papers

To excel in your CBSE board exam class 10 you need to practice more and more sample papers and cbse previous year question papers. 

The more you practice the more you will get familiar with your weak areas and strong areas. It will help you boost confidence and will curb exam-related anxiety, fear, and stress. 

  1. Well written answers

With a good preparation strategy, another most important thing for the CBSE boards exam class 10 is well-written answers. Your answers should follow the word limit, and should not be too long or too short. Writing answers in points is the key to scoring good marks in board exams. Make sure to write the subheads with a black pen and the rest of the answer with a blue pen. Draw margins for an excellent appearance of the answer sheet. This will not only impress the checker but will also make it easy for them to check the answer sheet.

So, these are some of the tips that you should follow if you want to score high in the CBSE board exam. 


How should I start my 10th board preparation?

Following are the tips that will help you prepare for your 10th board preparation:

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus

  2. Prepare a proper timetable

  3. Do not skip classes

  4. Study from NCERTs

  5. Stay regular on revisions

  6. Practice sample papers and previous year’s question paper

  7. Stay healthy and take ample sleep

           How many hours should I study in Class 10 CBSE?

If you are preparing for the CBSE board exam class10 then studying for 8-9 hours is enough. 

       Is the 10th CBSE board difficult?

If you are up to date on your preparation then the CBSE board exam is not difficult for you. Starting your preparation early will make it even easier for you. 

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CBSE Board Exams 2023: Top 7 tips to follow while writing for board exams
18 Jun, 2022

CBSE Board Exams 2023

Class 10 CBSE board and Class 12 CBSE Board exams are of high importance as these exams help you deal with tough situations, manage time, deal with pressure and find solutions to problems. Scoring high in these exams is important because CBSE boards play a vital role in deciding your future. You can check cbse exam syllabus also. With top-notch preparation, it is also essential how you pen down your knowledge. No matter how many hours you have studied or how brilliant your preparation is, if your writing skills are not up to the mark all your efforts will be in vain. 

To get good marks, writing excellent answers is also necessary. 

To help you attempt the questions in the best possible way we have prepared a list of points that you can follow to write your best in the CBSE exams:

  1. Use  the 15 minutes discreetly

The students are provided with 15 minutes time to read their question paper, use this given time discreetly. You can draft a writing plan in your mind while going through the question. And hence the students are recommended to make efficient use of this time. This tip will help you write answers in a much more organized way. 

  1. Set priorities 

Firstly, there is no compulsion that you have to write the answers in the given question paper format. While reading the question paper set priorities about which questions you want to answer first. Leave the questions that you don’t know the answer to for last. This will give you enough time to give a thought to the questions which are a bit blur in your mind. 

  1. Choose the right questions

In the CBSE board exam some questions come with internal choices and students end up choosing the wrong one. Think in mind how you would have written each answer and according to that choose the appropriate question. So choose the questions wisely, without any haste.

  1. Attempt all the question

The one major benefit of the board exam is that there is no negative marking. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question leave it for later but do attempt in the end. Even if you have only slight information about such questions do write them down. Go through that question again and try to understand what that question demands and considering that answer the questions. Adding good points to such answers can gain you at least some marks even if your answer is not fully correct. Hence, this is a key strategy that will help you in your CBSE board exam.

  1. Presentable answers

While answering the questions make sure to write in points. Draw proper margins, use a black pen to write the heading and subheads, and for the rest of the answer use a blue pen. A well-managed answer sheet will not only make it easy for the examiner to check the answer sheet but they will also be impressed. A presentable answer sheet will make it easy for you to score well in the CBSE board exam. But do note that you do not get confused between presentable and decorative. Some students use colorful pens to beautify their mark sheets but this only makes them look flashy. 

So, it is suggested to the students to not make use of any other colored pens other than black and blue.

  1. Write in points

When reading the question create a mental picture of how you will write it. While writing the answer try to keep the limit of words set. Your answers should neither be too long nor too short. Follow the instruction given on the question paper for the word limit. Make certain that you write answers in points and that the words are evenly spaced. Writing words too close will not only make your answer sheet look messed up but will also make it hard for the examiner to understand and mark the answers.

  1. Check your answers

After you have completed your CBSE exams question paper, make sure that you don’t hand it over to the examiner without checking it first. Revise each and every question again and check that you have filled all the formalities correctly. Recheck your roll number and other things. Then look at the answer number, writing the wrong answer number can snatch away your marks even after writing an excellent answer. 

So, these are some of the best answer writing tips that will help you in your CBSE class 12 boards exam. 


How can I improve my writing skills for board exams?

Following are the tips that will help you with your writing skills in the CBSE board exam:

  1. Make use of the 15 minutes allotted to read the question paper judiciously

  2. Mark the questions that you will attempt first them mark the one that you will attempt later

  3. Make sure to write in points

  4. Attempt all the question

  5. Write presentable answers

  6. Check your answer sheet after the completion of the paper


How do you get 100 percent on the board exam?

Following are the tips that will help you score 100% in the CBSE board exam:

  1. Plan a proper study schedule

  2. Prepare notes while studying and highlight important topics or the ones that you find difficult

  3. Practice previous years question paper

  4. Focus on understanding the concepts

  5. Group study can help

  6. Study for at least 6-7 hours


How can I get full marks on the board exam?

If you are dedicated and focused on your studies then you can surely get full marks in your CBSE 2023 board exam.

Here are some of the tips that will help you score full marks in CBSE exam :

1. Make a proper study plan

2. Study for at least 6-7 hours

3. Stay regular on your revisions

4. Solve cbse board previous year question papers class 10 and class 12.

5. Mark the important topics and also the ones that you are weak at

6. Study from NCERTs

7. Take timely tests

8. Stay healthy and sleep well


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