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Sets and Relation By MC sir

Review of introduction of set,notation of set,representation of set,epsilon belongs to ,epsilon not belong to ,different types of set,total no. of a subset of set A containing n elements=2^n ,difference of sets,properties of difference of sets,compliment of set with its property,problem based on union and intersection of set n(AUB)=n(A)+n(B)-n(A∩B),n(AUBUC)=n(A)+n(B)+n(C)-n(A∩B)-n(B∩C-n(A∩C)+n(A∩B∩C) ,set,power set,proper set,super set,finite and infinite set,universal set,operation on set-(i) union of sets (ii) intersection of set,properties of operation on sets,disjoint set ,relation,order and pair,cartesian product,domain and range of relation,inverse of relation,types of relation,reflexive,symmetric transitive,equivalence relation.

MC Sir has utilized effective pedagogical techniques to enable enhanced comprehension of several important concepts in this topic.

Subject Mathematics Medium English Target X,XI,XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
Category Topic Based Total/Available Lectures 8 Videos Coming Soon Lectures 0 Videos Study Material PDF Files
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Sets and Relation


Must for class 11th and 12th studying students who want to do well in JEE Main & Advanced Exams.

Ideal for class 12th pass (13th) students who are preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.

Essential for JEE Main & Advance Exam preparations.

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