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Best Tips to Score 150-200 Marks in JEE Main

22 Jul, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Best Tips to Score 150-200 Marks in JEE Main

The last two attempts of JEE mains are still to go. The students should make the best out of their time. As per the trend of the cut-off in the last years, 150-200 marks are considered to be good. Before you appear for the exam, on the final day, you need to build your performance in a way that nothing can stop you from reaching the goal. As you might be aware of the fact that only those who are able to score well in the JEE main get a chance to sit for the JEE advanced. To help the students in touching their target the ETOOSINDIA team has got the Tips to score above 150-200 marks in the JEE Main exam.

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Follow the below-given steps and carve put your way to one of the top engineering colleges in the country. Let’s have a look:

You have to Follow a Routine

If you are bemused whether you will be able to touch 200 marks in your JEE main paper then the first step you need to take towards your better preparation is following your routine. Scoring 150 or 200 marks in JEE is a little complicated task, but your approach should be forming a study schedule that can help you in moving smoothly in your preparation. There are three subjects in the JEE paper namely, physics, chemistry, and math. You have to study all these thoroughly. Don’t compromise with any subject.

Also, drafting a timetable is not enough. You have to follow it rigidly. Don’t pend your routine for tomorrow, begin as soon as possible.

Every Topic in the Syllabus is Important 

As mentioned already there are three subjects in the JEE main paper. Students often focus on one specific subject more. Well, this approach is totally wrong. Scoring well in one section and performing poorly in the other won’t help you gain your target. You have to study smartly; you have to gain command over all the topics that are included in your syllabus. The syllabus is vast, but if you are willing to see yourself in the list of toppers then it is mandatory for you to cover every single topic. For e.g., you can pick to study two topics daily from the three subjects. Skipping any of the topics can make you lose marks. In case if the exam is approaching near and you have not covered any topic, then you are advised not to pick any new topic.

Get the Best Books for Preparation

Firstly as you begin with your preparation you should focus on completing the NCERT. The NCERT is very necessary from the exam point of view. Students feel that NCERT is required only for board preparation hence they don’t prefer investing time in this book when they begin the JEE main preparation. You have to complete the entire NCERT before you start with any other book. After it, you can choose to study from the ETOOSINDIA books. These books are of great help, the topics are explained vividly. Students often buy lots and lots of books and later get stressed seeing the pile on the studying table.

Hence make sure that you get for you only the best books.


Solving the Sample Papers

Being a JEE aspirant is mandatory for  ou to practice as much as possible. There are various students who keep learning the topics but they are not aware of their flaws. This concept this totally wrong, you should focus on practicing more and more previous year question papers and sample question papers. You can get these with the help of the ETOOSINDIA team. Practicing with the help of these will make you understand your strong and weak points. You should definitely work on these so that your flaws convert into your leads. All that you need to do is get the previous years’ question papers.

Begin your practice the right way, so that nothing can stop you from being an IITian. Students can learn from the best faculties of Kota with the help of the ETOOSINDIA team.