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JEE Mains and Advanced 2021-How to do Self-Study?

16 Mar, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Every engineering aspirant dreams about getting into one of the IIT’s or NIT. The path to these colleges isn’t easy at all. Every year there are lakhs of students who aspire about getting on the list of IIT toppers but not all are able to attain success. The national testing agency of the country is responsible for conducting the JEE mains paper and the JEE advanced paper is conducted by one of the 7 particular IITs.

How to do self-study JEE Mains and advance?

The student will have to clear the JEE Mains exam in order to get a permit to appear for the JEE advanced exam. The competition is really very tough. This year the NTA will be conducting the JEE mains exam four times. Firstly in the month of February, March, April, and May.

There are students who are not able to go to any coaching, but with dedication and correct strategies one can fight this paper and come out with flying colors. Here we have for you the correct Jee mains 2021 strategies that can help you in scoring well.

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Begin your Preparation with a Timetable

You need to have a correct timetable with you, where you put equal time on all the three subjects. So make sure that before you commence your preparation, you should draw a timetable. Also, make sure that you develop the habit of following the timetable. Organizing your studies in a perfect manner will help you in investing your time in the right way. You should begin your preparation on time, don’t keep delaying tomorrow as you might have heard tomorrow never comes. Follow the same strategy while preparing for jee advance 2021. Draft a perfect IIT JEE 2021 Study Plan.

Previous Year's Question Papers

Doing self-study from one of the most difficult exams in the country isn’t an easy task. One of the best IIT JEE 2021 Preparation Strategy mentioned by the toppers is solving more and more Previous Years' Question Papers and Sample Question Papers. The more you practice the easy it will be for you to solve the question on the day of the exam. These question papers will help you in understanding the way you will have to solve the entire question paper on the day of the exam.  You can get varieties of question papers from the ETOOSINDIA website.


Best Books for Self-Study for JEE Mains

Study material is yet another most prominent factor that helps the student in touching the cloud of success. Firstly, don’t get carried away by the people who tell you that NCERT is of no use. NCERT is the king of all books, so you have to target the NCERT first, once you are done with the NCERT that means you have already completed the basics of all the subjects. After completing it, you can choose to move to other advanced level books such as the ETOOSINDIA study material.  You should have with you the right quality books; remember quality matters and not quantity. Surely follow these self-study tips for jee mains.

Studying online

These days the concept of online education is widely accepted all over the country, no matter whether you are going to some classroom coaching or not, you can just sit at your own place and study with the help of the online platforms. There are numerous online platforms but choosing the right one is your call. You can find out the video lecture on YouTube. Video lectures are an effective way of IIT-JEE Preparation if you are hosing to do self-study. You can easily get your doubts resolved with the help of these.

Self-motivating is essential

You need to keep your motivation throughout. The path is difficult, but that doesn’t mean you will lose hope. You need to push yourself towards the positive side. Give your brain time to relax, don’t get overburden with a load of studies. You should be wise enough to understand the requirements of your brain, provide your brain with enough rest when you feel exhausted. Also, don’t compromise with your sleeping hours. Don’t get dishearten if someone is telling you that you won’t be able to make through it without the help of coaching.

Hope these IIT_JEE Self-study tips will be helpful for you. You can choose to follow these same self-study tips for jee advance also.

Study hard. Good luck