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How To Prepare For JEE Without Coaching? The smart strategies

15 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

how to prepare for jee without coaching

Engineering is a degree that attracts around 13 lakh students to appear for the IIT-JEE exam. Being one of the highly coveted exams not everyone who appears for the same qualifies for it. One has to work finger to the bone to get admission to highly reputed engineering colleges. Students dream to obtain engineering degrees from various IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other CFTIs. The exam may be difficult but not impossible to crack. All you need is the right strategies to back your preparation.

With the trend of coaching centers, where almost every aspirant is attending one, there still are students who are rigid about preparing for the JEE without coaching

Well, this might sound like an impossible task to accomplish the JEE without coaching but such is not the case. 

The fact that coaching provides an upper hand in the preparation for the JEE exam cannot be denied but it is also true that your target to excel in the JEE exam can also be met without coaching. 

Joint Entrance Exam: The basics you should know

The JEE exam has two levels, i.e, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The students can appear for the JEE Advanced only after they have cleared the JEE Mains with a good score. The difficulty of the JEE Mains is lower than that of the JEE Advanced. On clearing the JEE Mains the students become eligible for admission to NITs, IIITs, and other prestigious institutions. Whereas, on clearing the JEE Advanced students become eligible for the IITs. 

Before hopping on the preparation guide for the JEE without coaching let's familiarize ourselves with the key basics of the JEE exam:

  • The JEE Main paper is conducted in both online and offline modes in an objective-type question paper format.

  • The question paper evaluates students on the basis of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects. 

  • The paper comprises a total of 90 questions with 30 questions from each subject or section.

  • The entire question paper comprises 360 marks. Every section carries 120 marks with each question weighing 4 marks. 

  • The questions asked are NCERT based with a higher difficulty level

  • The JEE Advanced paper comprises 2 papers of which the pattern varies each year. 

Crack JEE without coaching: The smart strategies

In which direction you divert your baby steps can make a huge impact on the preparation for JEE. From forming the study plan to how you solve the question paper and everything in between decides your grades in the JEE exam. 

Here are the essential tips concerning the preparation for JEE without coaching. Adhering to the given tips will make the JEE exam easy for you. 

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Tips to crack JEE without coaching

1. Pick NCERTs for a better start

Devaluating the importance of NCERTs can be damaging to your grades. To your wonder, NCERTs are much more important than you think. Just like a baby who learns to crawl first before walking, the same goes in the field of learning as well. Before taking a big step, i.e, studying directly from the resource books, you need to build a strong foundation of the basics. NCERT books provide a stiff grounding of the basics that is very much required to understand the higher level concepts. 

Premier and Pioneer Batch Phase 2

2. Pull out a question from every concept

Kickstart your preparation with a curious mind and try to find questions in every concept you read. While learning your mind should not only be directed towards gaining the concepts but should work in a manner that can generate a new query every time you read the concept. This way you will be able to answer several questions from the same concept that might come in twisted forms. Thus, this way preparing for JEE without coaching would be easy.

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3. Learn the multiple-solution technique

What do JEE students commonly adhere to? Solving several questions from the same concept so as to achieve excellence in every question type, Right? But instead of sticking to this technique, you as an aspirant should adopt the smart way to achieve your goal. Solve a particular question in multiple ways. This way you will know of several techniques that will provide you with the correct answer much faster. Not just this, practicing this will help you save a lot of time as you will be discovering techniques that will help you solve questions faster.

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4. Recall what you have learned so far: Regular revision 

A major benefit that the coachings offer is the regularity of revision that the students forget to follow when preparing on their own. The syllabus is so wide that you have to keep visiting it from time to time so that the grip is maintained. Hence to keep all that you have learned, assembled you are required to keep revising the concepts from time to time. When you are 100% sure that you have attained excellence in a concept then you are ready to revise it. Revise thoroughly but do not spend more than 2-3 hours on the revision of a chapter.

For better revision, supplement it with practice questions this way you will be benefitted two ways. You will not only be revising but will also be working on your problem-solving skills. Revision along with practice will help you develop an even better understanding of the concepts and how the questions related to them need to be solved. 

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5. Time management is crucial

Your preparation can go to complete waste if you are not monitoring how much time you are investing in a chapter or subject. To cover the vast syllabus it is crucial to keep a track of the time which can be done with the help of time management apps like google maps. 


How can I prepare for the JEE Mains from class 11?

The given tips will help you prepare for the JEE from class 11:

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus

  2. Do not skip NCERTs

  3. Make a wise choice while choosing the study material

  4. Stay regular on revisions

  5. Practice as much as possible

Can I crack the JEE Mains if I start studying from November from scratch to the advanced level?

Follow the given tips to make the best out of the remaining months:

  1. Prepare a smart study plan

  2. Get acquainted with the syllabus

  3. Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern

  4. Do not skip NCERTs

How do I prepare for the JEE Mains only? I am a JEE 2024 aspirant and I want to score 99+ percentile.

The given tips will help you prepare for the JEE Mains exam:

1. Plan a daily schedule

2. Eliminate the distractions

3. ETOOS JEE test series to rescue

4. Stay cool and motivated

5. Equip yourselves with the right books


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