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5 JEE Main Hacks and Tricks to Score Well in Exam

28 Aug, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

5 JEE Main Hacks and Tricks to score well in examIf you are dreaming to be a successful engineer by studying in one of the best engineering colleges of the country like the IIT and the NIT then you need to clear the IIT JEE exam. As you are already aware of the tough competition then you should have with you the ideal IIT JEE 2023 Main and Advanced Study Plan. Your strategies towards your goal play a vital role in your success, and hence you should make sure that you develop the best strategies for your JEE exam preparation. To assist you with the most appropriate JEE study plan here we have for you the best Study Hacks to help crack IIT-JEE. Let’s have a look.

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5 JEE Main Hacks and Tricks to Score Well in Exam

Develop below JEE Main Hacks to Score Well in Exams

Develop a Habit of Studying Daily

One Of the JEE Main Hacks to score well is develop daily studying habit. As you begin with your JEE preparation, the most challenging task is to develop the habit of studying daily. It’s challenging for you to sit for long hours straight. Hence in the initial days of your preparation break your study hours in intervals. Like you should sit to study for 30 minutes as you begin, then gradually you should start increasing this duration e.g., from 30 minutes to 40 minutes, from 40 minutes to 50 minutes and so on.

Give the Same Attention to all three subjects

Another JEE Main Hacks to score well is to give the same attention to all three subjects, namely physics, chemistry, and math. The right way to do this is with the help of a timetable. Make a suitable timetable where you put an equal amount of study hours to all the subjects. One of the most prominent Study Hacks To Crack JEE 2022 is opting for a timetable. Once you are done setting your timetable, make sure you develop the habit of following it. You have to maintain a proper study routine to complete the entire syllabus on time.

Enhance JEE Analytical Skills

Another JEE Main Hacks that will give you help in scoring well in exams is to enhance your JEE Analytical Skills. You should understand the topics instead of cramming them. Until and unless you don’t understand you won’t be able to score well. Students often try mugging up the content, this concept is totally wrong. Enhance increase your JEE analytical skills by understanding the examples given in the topic and also solve the practice papers. Conceptual learning is the only way to keep the topics in your mind for a longer duration. All three subjects of the JEE exam are independent of cramming.

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Give More Time to Higher Weightage Topics

Give More time to Higher Weightage Topics is another JEE Main Hacks that will boost your preparation, but this doesn’t mean that you completely ignore the low weightage question. Your target should be completing the entire syllabus. It is just that, the number of questions is more from the higher weightage topics; hence these topics require some extra amount of time. 

Choose the Right Coaching for Preparation

Last but not the least JEE Main Hacks to Score well in exam is to choose the right coaching for your preparation. Attaining the support of the best faculty is very important if you are preparing for the JEE exam. There are various coaching institutes that offer online education as well. We at Etoosindia have the best-curated course to assist the students in touching the heights of success. You can get the Time Saver Course of Etoosindia. This course is drafted with the aim of helping all the students multiplying their scores in the JEE exam. The pool of best Kota faculties has launched this course. There will be online regular classes. It is totally the choice of the students to opt for online lectures or classroom mode. To test the preparation strategy you can give the online test, and after the completion of the test, you will get a Complete Test Analysis & Report which indeed will help you in detecting your leads and flaws. You will also get a chance to interact with the faculty. Hence if you are going to appear for IIT JEE 2023 then you should definitely choose this course.

Hope these tips will help you in JEE 2023 Main and Advanced...

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