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NEET Exam 2022: Importance of ncert books for neet exam

27 Jun, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Importance of NCERT books for NEET Exam

There is an ocean full of NEET exam study material available in the market. But the students are always perplexed over the question of which is the right study material and what should they opt for that will help them excel in the exam. The aspiring candidates are always puzzled by the question if NCERT books are enough for the NEET 2022 exam. The answer is no, NCERTs are not sufficient for the NEET exam preparation but are indeed important. Before switching to any other reference books it is crucial to make NCERT books for NEET as your first friends.

To clear the NEET exam it is important to acquire a good knowledge of the NCERT books. 

Importance of NCERT Books for NEET Exam

The following points will help you know how the NCERT books are important for the NEET exam:

  1. Uncomplicated language

A candidate appearing for such competitive exams requires study material that is concise and lucid; this is what the NCERTs have to offer. The NCERTs books are written in the most unchallenging and laymen language which is easier for the students to acknowledge. No-advanced use of vocabulary and the topics are too mentioned in a very to-the-point way. A lot of examiners recommend studying from the NCERTs books because these books offer the right material to study at the time of revision. 

  1. Stronghold of basics

To be able to score high in the NEET 2022 exam you need to be outstanding in the basic level questions. Because to be able to solve the advanced level question you need to have a strong hold over the basics. And to achieve that excellence, going through NCERT books is vital. When you are excellent in your basics, advanced questions will automatically become a piece of cake for you. NCERTs provide the accurate material that is required to get a good command of the basics. 

  1. Provides diagrams

It's a fact that we tend to remember visuals and videos more than words. The NCERT books for NEET biology contain diagrams that help the candidates with a better understanding of the concepts. The diagrams are very informative and elaborate which helps the candidates retain a lot during the time of examination. You should keep in mind that biology weighs just double the other two subjects i.e physics and chemistry and hence the students are required to pay more and more attention to this subject. This is possible with the help of NCERT books.

  1. A base for tricky questions

If you are wasting your NEET 2022 preparation in trying to solve the tricky questions first then you must wait and see where you are lagging. To be able to solve the tricky questions the candidates must be excellent in the direct questions. To be able to solve the direct questions it is important to refer to the NCERT books for NEET. It will also benefit you in other ways as some questions in the NEET exam come directly from the NCERT books.

  1. Content aligned to the NEET exam

If you have thoroughly studied the NCERT books then after going through the NEET question paper then you will realize that there are a lot of similarities between the NCERT books and the NEET question paper. You will even notice that some questions have directly been asked from the NCERTs. A Lot of questions in NEET biology come directly from the NCERT books hence it is important to go through the NCERTs.

  1. No search required

Unlike the costly reference books that are out of stock a lot of times, the NCERT books are available in the whole country and are cheaper too. You do not have to spend lots of money on books to kickstart your NEET preparation. Not just this you do not even have to waste your time searching for the NCERT books as these books are available almost everywhere.

  1. Covers the entire syllabus

The NCERT books for 11th and 12th are written by the experts and hence include the whole syllabus of 11th and 12 classes and the NEET exam as well. These books include all the information that is required to strengthen your base-level foundation. 

So, now you know the importance of NCERT books for the preparation of NEET 2022. Follow the given tips and there will be nothing preventing you from scoring high in NEET exam 2022. 



Is NCERT enough for getting 600 in NEET?

If you are appearing for NEET 2022 then studying from NCERT books is important but not sufficient. NCERT books are vital to helping you get a stronghold of your basics.

How do you get 360 marks in NEET biology?

To score high in NEET biology you need to stay up to date with your preparation and concentrate more on understanding the concept. Regular practice and mock test series will help.

Is Physics NCERT enough for NEET?

NCERTs for NEET physics are important to help you build a stronghold of your basics but not enough. You will require reference books to excel in the tricky questions.