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Tips From Toppers To Ace The Exam: How Do Toppers prepare for NEET?

10 Aug, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Tips From Toppers

The NEET 2023 is scheduled to be in May 2023. With the NEET exam creeping closer the students are stooped towards the preparation to score high in the exam. Being one of the highly coveted exams conducted in the country, lakhs of students appear for this exam with the hope to get admission to the top MBBS or BDS colleges. But this demanding exam lets only a few of the aspirants in. 

This leaves the rest of the candidates to ponder what special tips & tricks and strategies these toppers follow that help them ace this high competition. 

Every NEET aspirant follows some strategies to breeze through the NEET exam but the lack of a proper systematic approach to these strategies is the reason why some students fail to clear this exam. 

If you are focusing on the NEET exam 2023 then you too must be searching for strategies that toppers follow to beat the exam or if not searching then you must be at least surrounded by the thought as to how toppers top this Highly coveted exam.

Tips From toppers To Ace The Exam

Well, we know you are curious about finding ways that help the toppers top the exam. To end your hunt we have discussed below some of the tips from toppers themselves to ace the exam.

Shorter durations maximum output

Procrastinating and then piling up things for later will only lead to an increase in the load. And the solution you will resort to is studying for 10 hours at a stretch to cover the entire syllabus. Rather start your prep early and instead of studying for 10 hours in a single run opt for studying at shorter intervals for maximum productivity.

A mantra you should follow is that never study multiple subjects at a time rather focus on studying one topic per subject at a time. This will help you grasp more easily and less confusion. You can follow the 45/15 rule where you study for 45 minutes and take a 15-minute break as according to the researcher concentration level declines after 35-45 minutes of studying. Hence studying for short durations is far more helpful than studying at a stretch. 

Health is the priority

Are you exceeding your hours of study to get an even good grasp of the syllabus? Then you cannot get any more wrong than this. Exceeding your study hours will only put a toll on your mental health. If you are mentally tired, no matter how many hours you are putting into your NEET prep, you will not be able to study with full focus.

Only an active brain can support good learning. 

The NEET exam is no doubt one of the most strenuous exams in the country but putting a halt to the things you enjoy will only push you towards anxiety and lack of concentration. Take ample sleep, indulge in physical activities, watch your favorite shows or opt for anything you like. Just make sure that while preparing for this exam you are not keeping at bay your hobbies. Learn to maintain a balance. 

NCERTs are the ultimate guide

If you are preparing for the NEET exam then you must have come across a lot of articles telling that the NCERTs are the ultimate guide for the prep for the NEET exam. The major need for the NEET exam is the understanding of the basics to its core. The questions asked in the NEET exam are advanced level and to be able to solve such questions you should have a good knowledge of the basics.

A good understanding of the basics makes the advanced-level question easy for you. And thus NCERTs play a major role in making a solid foundation of the basics. Be it theory, concept, explanation, or examples, NCERTs include it all. Not just this NCERTs are of major use in providing you with all the key points during the time of revision. 

Top-notch practice for better output

Practice makes a man better and so is the case with the NEET exam. The NEET exam not only requires an understanding of the concepts but also lots and lots of practice. To polish yourself you need to keep up with the practice. 

Now if you are confused about how you should start practicing then the best way to begin your practice is by solving as many previous year's question papers as possible. This is a common tips from topper to follows. Practicing the previous year's question paper gives you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the exam and helps you work on your speed and accuracy. Practicing previous question papers gives an idea of where you stand in the competition and helps you work on your weaknesses. 

And to further fuel your preparation you can take the help of a mock test series. Mock test series are formed on the basis of NTA pattern paper that help you maximize your speed and accuracy which is a must while appearing for the NEET exam. The more you practice mocks the more you increase your chances of getting selected for the top government college. 

TSC course for assured success

And to end your search for toppers like preparation ETOOS is just a click away to provide you the best Droppers Course. The time saver course has been on the top for providing success over the years and has a 74% success rate. This course is prepared by a pool of expert faculties that will make the NEET prep easy for you. 

The video lectures delivered by our top teachers are immensely interactive and will draw all your attention to the subject. Not just this if you have any doubts you can raise a query anytime at the doubt clinic and the teachers are always here to help you with the same.  The perks of this course do not end here. 

You can do a self-analysis by taking the online test that is formed on the basis of the NTA pattern paper to upgrade your NEET prep. Don’t believe us, no worries you can always opt for the demo lectures and believe for yourself.  Thus the above tips from toppers are straight from the toppers to make your NEET prep easy.


How many times NEET is conducted in a year in 2023?

NEET exam is conducted once a year. 

Can I clear NEET without coaching?

Yes, if you are studying with full focus and dedication then you can crack the NEET exam even without coaching. 

Can I score 700 in NEET without coaching?

Yes, with the right sources, and study material combined with focus and dedication you can crack the NEET exam.