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Why Online Classes are better for NEET 2023?

20 Sep, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Online classes are better for NEET 2023

Over the years rapid changes have been seen in the technological sectors which have made an impact on the educational sector as well. A major shift in the coaching centers has been seen from offline to online modes. And just like that, the preferences of the students are also inclining towards the online mode. 

When preparing for demanding exams like NEET 2023 the students often get confused about whether they should opt for online modes or settle for offline classes only. If you are still confused then, we can provide you with numerous reasons why online classes are better for NEET 2023. 

Perks of Online mode of classes

Apart from being a major time and money savior, online mode of classes has other perks as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Attend classes from anywhere anytime without feeling exhausted

Anytime and from anywhere is the major perk that online coaching classes serve. Not every student is an early bird, some are night owls and can focus more during the night hours. For such students, online classes are a blessing. Saving your time spent on traveling to and from coaching classes also provides you the freedom of choosing your hours of study, which helps you focus even better on your NEET preparation. 

2. Get to make a personalized choice

The students studying offline are not offered to opt for the teachers of their choice. But such is not the case with online mode of classes. The students are provided demo lectures of every faculty, and thus watching these demo lectures they can make a choice. 

The NEET exam requires you to understand every topic in-depth, this condition can only be achieved when you have the right mentors who meet your learning requirements and make the process of grasping smooth for you. This requirement is very well met by online classes as you get to choose your teachers.

3. Breaking the geographical boundaries

Not every student aspiring to become a doctor has access to proper sources of education, especially the ones living in areas of ill topography. But this has not been a hindrance anymore in the field of education as with technological advancement students from across the globe can have access to an excellent source of education through online modes. 

Now if you are amongst those students living in backward areas you do not have to spend a penny on relocation because you will have all that you need on your computer screens, all you need is a good internet connection.

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4. Raise a doubt and get it cleared anytime from anywhere

Doubts can occur anytime like when you are in class or while self-studying. When taking offline classes you have to wait for the next day to ask the doubts. This situation either creates a backlog or you forget to ask your doubts. On the other hand, such is not the case with online modes. You are provided with doubt clinics where you can raise a query whenever it arises.

But even in online modes, not all institutes provide a 24x7 doubt clinic, so you need to register for the top online institutes like ETOOS India where your doubts will be solved by our expert teachers. 

5. Revisit the lectures as many times as you want

The major advantage that comes with online modes of classes is the benefit of revisiting the old lectures as many times as you want. In the case of offline learning, a lecture once missed cannot be attended again. But online classes provide live lectures in a recorded or saved form that the NEET aspirants can watch several times for revision till the time of completion of the package. 


Are 6 months enough to get 650+ marks in the NEET 2023? If possible, then how do I study?

You can crack the NEET exam in 6 months if you follow the right preparation strategies.

Given below are some of the tips that will help you sail through the NEET 2023 exam:

  • Prepare a proper study plan

  • Get familiar with the syllabus

  • Prepare notes

  • Do not skip NCERTs

  • Choose the resource books wisely

  • Stay regular on revisions

  • Keep distraction at bay

  • Get familiar with the exam pattern

What are the important questions in class 11 biology chapter 2?

The important chapters of class 11 Biology chapter 2 are mentioned below:

  1. Categories and features of Monera, Protista, and Fungi
  2. Viruses, Prions, and Lichens

Which is the best learning app for NEET preparation in India?

ETOOS India provides the best online coaching for the preparation for the NEET exam. With technological advancement, ETOOS India has emerged as the best online coaching institute for the preparation for strenuous exams like NEET. ETOOS India has made its own space in the education industry by providing pre-eminent education to students. And hence, ETOOS India is the best app for the preparation of NEET in India.

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