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  • ★★★★★
    Ismail ahamad
    nkc sir king of physics
  • ★★★★★
    sahil raj
    It''s help alot for neet student...rock it guyss plzz sir jee ke liye jldi upload kro
  • ★★★★★
    Tirath Daishik Patel

Neeraj Kumar Chaudhary Sir Course Specification

A full-fledged curriculum that enables everyone to score good in physics

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physicsNeeraj Kumar Chaudhary Sir
Career Highlights

NKC Sir is the Physics Crackerjack for NEET & AIIMS. He is Alumni of IIT Delhi with 13 years of teaching experience with topmost coaching institute of Kota, Bansal and Vibrant classes for JEE Advanced. Now after studying couple of years about NEET and AIIMS – Physics. He comes up with his NEET Physics Course which is covering all syllabus of NEET   Physics and according to NEET Exam. He has ability to mesmerize students by his unique style of teaching and his deep knowledge of physics. He explains Physics by giving examples of practical life. As a part of ETOOSINDIA and in the Golden age of Digital Technology he wants to Provide Kota’s Unique Coaching to students at their home. Students can choose according to their academic needs. NKC Sir is the best and well known Physics Faculty all over India. He wants to satisfy students by providing online coaching which is accessible anytime, anywhere at the affordable Cost. His favorite quote is “Arise Awake and Stop not until the Goal is Reached” - Swami Vivekananda.


Physics for NEET &AIIMS For Classes XI, XII & XIII.

Message to Students

Anybody cannot solve questions of physics by only Memorizing formulae. Imagination and Thinking about Nature and Physical World is the process to learn Physics. Interesting theories and laws of Physics are basically laws of Nature which describe the working Process of Nature.
And Physics explain natural phenomena in the Universe. My aim is the overall development of my Student. I want to provide deep knowledge of physics from the basic as well as to motivate student for success. Along with these I want to give Ethical & Moral Qualities to my students for their Good Life. I am always with you for your Support and for any kind of help. All the best from bottom of my heart.

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