How to use updated Features on Faculty Profile Page. 01 Aug 2018 12:48

Dear Students,

This is to bring to your notice that we have updated our Faculty’s Profile Page on Etoosindia website. The changes are listed below:


1. Online Courses

By clicking on the online course panel a student can see all the video lectures (course divided into complete, yearlong, problem-solving, topic-based, and revision) provided by the respective faculty. Also, they can watch the advanced video lectures to understand concepts better.


2. Notice

Stay informed by getting the latest updates about the new courses that a faculty launches. Also, gain insights about their activities under the notice section.


3. Courses Q&A

A student can ask their doubts related to a particular course on this page & their queries will be resolved by our expert faculties. This feature is available only for purchased users of particular faculty course.


4. Study Material

A student can search chapter-wise courses that he wishes to learn from a particular faculty. The facility to see & download the study material in PDF format is also available. This feature can be accesses by a purchased user only.


5. T.C.C Video

The teacher creative content page allows the students to comprehend the exact hit questions prepared methodically by the faculty. They can also watch some motivational videos by the faculty to boost their confidence.


6. Reviews

Found the online courses useful? Write a review on this page.Share your own experience of studying through online video lectures.


Note: All the above features are only available when a student will Sign Up or Login with ETOOSINDIA Website.