NEET Previous Year Paper and Solution

Etoosindia does not only prepare students for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test but also understands how anxious and curious they are to know as to how they have performed in their exam. The expert faculty members at the institute thus solve the NEET question paper on the same day as the National Entrance Cum Eligibility Test is held. The solved paper is uploaded on the website within hours and is available for free access.

The solved question paper is equally beneficial for the students who aim to sit for the National Entrance Cum Eligibility Test the year after. It helps them understand the difficulty level as well as the pattern of this competitive examination.

It is highly recommended to solve previous years’ papers so as to get an idea about how well-prepared you are and how much you still have to cover. Solving these papers within 3 hours time will also help you build speed which is of utmost importance in this exam.
Papers Exam Year Questions Answer Key
2018-NEET-PAPER-CODE-RR-OFFLINE NEET 2018 Download Download
2018-NEET-PAPER-CODE-PP-OFFLINE NEET 2018 Download Download
2018-NEET-PAPER-CODE-MM-OFFLINE NEET 2018 Download Download
2018-NEET-PAPER-CODE-EE-OFFLINE NEET 2018 Download Download
2018-NEET-PAPER-CODE-GG-OFFLINE NEET 2018 Download Download
2018-NEET-PAPER-CODE-FF-OFFLINE NEET 2018 Download Download
2017-NEET-PAPER-CODE-X NEET 2017 Download Download
2016-NEET-PAPER-CODE-YY-PHASE-2 NEET 2016 Download Download
2016-NEET-PAPER-CODE-P-PHASE-1 NEET 2016 Download Download
2015-NEET-PAPER-CODE-D NEET 2015 Download Download
2014-NEET-PAPER-CODE-P NEET 2014 Download Download
2013-NEET-PAPER-CODE-W NEET 2013 Download Download
2013-AIIMS-PAPER-WITH-SOLUTION AIIMS 2013 Download Download
2012-AIPMT-MAINS-PAPER NEET 2012 Download Download
2012-AIPMT-PRE-PAPER NEET 2012 Download Download
2012-AIIMS-PAPER-WITH-SOLUTION AIIMS 2012 Download Download
2011-AIPMT-PRE-PAPER NEET 2011 Download Download
2011-AIPMT-MAINS-PAPER NEET 2011 Download Download
2011-AIIMS-PAPER-WITH-SOLUTION AIIMS 2011 Download Download
2010-AIPMT-PRE-PAPER NEET 2010 Download Download
2010-AIPMT-MAINS-PAPER NEET 2010 Download Download
2010-AIIMS-PAPER-WITH-SOLUTION AIIMS 2010 Download Download