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'10' doubt clinic policy

Before asking doubt student are being recommended to revise the video lectures
until they understand the concept.

  • 1.Student can ask the doubt from the purchased subject / course or purchased topic only.
  • 2.Validity for doubt clinic will be same as that of the purchased course.
  • 3.In one post, Purchased user can ask only one doubt.
  • 4.Post your doubt as detailed as possible so that you can get the right answer.
  • 5.Purchased user have to post the options of the question if available, and also the
       answer to the question.
  • 6.In some possible conditions, Our Experts can provide the linked URL in response
       to reference other questions & answers.
  • 7.Purchased user is not allowed to ask the questions from other coaching module,
       sheet, and booklet or test series.
  • 8.Students have to mention the topic name correctly.
  • 9.Doubt will be cleared within 24 hours except for some tricky questions which
       might be delayed but will be cleared ASAP.
  • 10.One student can ask four questions per day