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How to curb anxiety when preparing for JEE 2022
18 May, 2022

curb anxiety when preparing for JEE

Exams like JEE require years of preparation and dedication. As the exam approached the students began to feel more anxious. And even after years and months of preparation, they start doubting themselves if they are even prepared for the exam. 

 Such competitive exams bring along a lot of stress and anxiety with them. 

And to get to the top in JEE mains it is essential to stay stress-free. Because you can barely remember anything with a stressed mind. Some students can't sleep or eat as the exam approaches due to stress. 

Stress is a common thing that any competitive exam will bring along. But you have to be strong and do not have to give up on it. You have to beat it and top JEE 2022.

Symptoms of exam stress

Feeling of  nausea, quick heartbeat, sweaty palms, stomach cramps, 

Dry mouth and lack of sleep

Feeling that have very little knowledge of the exam

Being distracted, nail biting

The feeling of despair or worry

Lack of focus while studying

Inefficient use of time


Here are some of the tips that will help you stay stress-free during JEE mains2022.


Self-motivation is the key

During such difficult times, it is important to stay motivated. Stress cannot be an obstacle to your JEE 2022 success if you keep yourself motivated. Keep telling yourself that you can do it then watch stress blowing away from your mind.

Talk it out

Every day is different and brings different challenges with it. On some days you may feel lower than others. On such days you can burst your stress by talking to someone. That someone can be your friend, parent, teacher, or anyone you believe is the right person to talk to. On such difficult days, all you need is someone who can give you some positive words and motivation and then see yourself getting back on track all motivated.

Proper sleep

If you are among those students who are preparing for JEE mains then let me tell you that skipping sleep or disturbing your sleep pattern is not going to do any good for your JEE exam. Candidates appearing for JEE exam have sleepless nights a few days before the exam due to stress. But can counter these sleepless nights by sleeping well. Because if you get enough sleep you will stay active for the day. Sleeping well will give you even more energy to get back to your JEE mains preparations and daily tasks.

Physical activities are a must

When preparing for big exams like JEE mains it is important to keep physical activities a part of your daily schedule.

Engaging in physical activities boosts mental strength and stamina which is a necessity for this exam. Devoting at least 1 hour to physical exercises will not only make you strong from within but will also be a good distraction.

Refreshments are crucial

Studying for long hours is indeed an important aspect if you want to clear JEE mains. But these long hours can become really frustrating if you are not taking a timely break. You cannot concentrate properly if you are exhausted, this may add to your anxiety making it difficult to complete your syllabus.

Take timely breaks, you can either facetime your friends, go on a walk, or do whatever makes you feel refreshed. Keep your studies aside during this time.

Occasional breaks will help you resume your studies with an even more focused brain.

Eat healthy stay healthy

Falling ill can delay your preparations leading to further stress. It is important to eat healthy, especially when preparing for competitive exams like JEE mains. The healthier you are, the better you will be able to concentrate on your studies.

Surround yourself with positivity

When appearing for competitive exams like jee it is crucial to surround yourself with positive thoughts and people.

Whenever stress strikes, remind yourself that stress won't help in clearing the exam but it will only affect your health which will, in turn, affect your preparation. Move forward and make yourself your only motivation.

Follow a to do list

Make a to-do for every day and set achievable goals. When you will finish these set targets you will feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation. This way you will not only feel stress-free but will also be able to complete your course on time.

Take baby steps

Not being able to solve advanced levels can strike with bad anxiety but don't worry, take it slow and give yourself some time. Start from the basic level questions and then gradually move towards advanced level questions. You will not even realize how huge of progress you will be made by following these baby steps.


Whenever you feel restless, anxious, and find it difficult to study, pause everything for about 5 minutes and try to meditate. You can do this either with the help of an app or do it just by closing your eyes and trying to calculate your feelings. Let the trash out and the positivity in. 

So these are some of the tips that will help you stay stress-free while preparing for JEE mains 2022.


What are the six physical symptoms of test anxiety?

Physical symptoms of anxiety are headache, excessive seating, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, the feeling of fainting, and lightheadedness.

Is JEE stressful?

Jee is one of the most difficult and hence can be a bit stressful. But timely preparation, relaxing, and meditating are some of the important things that will help you curb it.

How can JEE stress be overcome?

Timely completion of syllabus, revision, mock test series, and practicing previous years' question papers are some of the things you can do to overcome JEE-related stress.

How can I relax during JEE Prep?

Having a positive outlook, a daily set of goals, proper sleep, a healthy diet, and timely relaxation are some of the tips that will help you relax during JEE preps.  

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Crack JEE & NEET 2023 with these strategies
04 May, 2022

Crack JEE & NEET with these strategies

JEE & NEET are few of toughest competitive exams yet lakh of students every year appear for the same and the competition increases every year. So to crack JEE 2023 and NEET 2023 exams and push others around, the candidate needs to work hard and smart.

Securing rank isn’t an easy task, one needs to build strategies, tips, and tricks to score high.

If you are one of those candidates who are appearing for JEE 2023 and NEET 2023 then you are on just the right page. Here we are going to discuss how to score high by just following the given strategies.

Tips and Tricks for JEE 2023 and NEET 2023:

  1. Prepare a timetable

This is the most crucial step that most students skip. But as mentioned this is JEE and NEET, so no place for laziness here. Prepare a proper timetable with equal time allotted to every subject. Long hours of regular studies are an essential part of these competitive exams. You can follow the 45/15 rule where you study for 45 minutes straight and take a 15 minutes break.

Mark important topics highlight the necessary points, make notes, and note down the doubts the minute they arise. Set aside time for solving the previous year's question paper and keep practicing regularly.

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  1. Manage time

Each and every topic requires equal focus. While practicing questions if you are unable to solve a question then don’t spend all your time solving the same question. Move ahead and solve other questions. You should know how to manage time.

  1. Understand concepts

Focus on understanding the concepts and basics first then you should start the process of derivation. A better understanding of the basics makes a solid foundation for advanced and higher levels.

Study topics in sequence, starting from NCERT. Understand the logic behind a particular derivation then start solving numerical questions.

  1. Choose the best coaching institute

Take advice from your seniors, search on Google about which coaching institute is the best in JEE Coaching and NEET Coaching. All teachers are great but choose the ones that suit your needs and serve your purpose.

  1. Previous year's question papers

Going through some of the previous year’s question papers will give you an idea about the blueprint of the paper. It will let you know the weightage of the question paper.

It will give you an idea of which topics are important for the exam this will help you in your preparation for JEE 2023 and NEET 2023.

It will also increase your problem-solving efficiency.

  1. A smart selection of study material

Your study material is of utmost importance. Choose your study material wisely. The most common mistake the students make is the neglect of NCERT books. Start your preparation from NCERTs as they provide the base for your preparation then jump to the reference books. NCERT books are the key to your foundation.

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  1. Revision

Too much revision is never enough when it is to JEE and NEET exams. You going to the best coaching institute and practicing daily is all in vain if you are not revising the topic daily. You tend to forget if you do not revise the topics time to time. Make it a habit to revise the topics every day.

  1. Use Mnemonics

Students appearing for these exams should make use of codes to memorize the important concepts as they make it easy for you to remember the confusing topics. conceptualize and use stories to memorize.

  1. Take advantage of technology

If you have trouble understanding a concept then you don’t have to worry about it as everything is just a click away. You can either watch a video about it on YouTube or you can register for online coaching classes. This way will help you understand concepts from the comfort of your home.

  1. Regular mock test

Taking the regular mock test will help you polish your skills. Not only this, it will give you an idea of where you stand in the competition and your caliber. This will help you cope with your weaknesses.

  1. The right mentor

The right mentor is necessary to help you grow throughout your journey and correct where you make a wrong move. It can be a friend, parents, teachers or anyone else.

  1. The crucial time

As the time of the exam approaches keep your mock test practices regular no matter how many times you have already practiced it. It will only help you become skilled and improve your problem-solving abilities.

So, these are the few strategies tips, and tricks that will help you score high in JEE 2023 exam and NEET 2023 Exam.



Ques:-Which IIT will conduct JEE 2023?

  IIT Guwahati will be conducting JEE 2023

Ques:-Will there be JEE in 2023?

 Yes, JEE will be conducted by NTA in 2023

Ques:-In which month JEE 2023 will be conducted?

 The tentative exam date for JEE 2023 is Feb, March, April, May 2023

Ques:-Will there be NEET in 2023?

 NTA will conduct NEET in May 2023

Ques:-Is the NEET 2023 easy?

 If you are thorough with your 11th and 12th studies then NEET

 2023 will be easy.

Ques:-Is physics removed from NEET 2023?

 No there won’t be any subject deduction in NEET 2023.


Celebrate Pi Day with Interesting Facts and Brief History
14 Mar, 2022

π Day Annual Celebration of Mathematical Constant

The mathematical constant Pi is represented by the Greek letter ‘π’, which is used by mathematicians all around the world. Since then this Pi symbol has been used all over the world.

Mathematicians are fascinated by this irrational number that determines the areas of circles. Larry Shaw, a scientist, designated 14th March as 'Pi Day' in 1988, based on Pi's value of 3.14. He organized the event to bring the math community at the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco together. Today, Pi Day March 14th is observed all across the world.

In our life, the only two constants are change and Pi. It's worth noting that Pi is essential for comprehending and calculating how alternating current travels and waves generate. It affects every aspect of our lives, including automobile engines, construction materials, skyscrapers and bridges, farming silos, meteorology, motors, space science, and power generation.


History of Pi Day, March 14th

As mentioned earlier, in 1988, a scientist named Larry Shaw designated 14th March as the celebration of Pi day. Since then, Pi day is celebrated on 14th March every year.

The United States House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution on March 12, 2009, declaring March 14, 2009, to be National Pi Day. Google presented a Google Doodle for Pi Day 2010 and the 30th anniversary in 2018, it was a Dominique Ansel pie with the circumference divided by its diameter.

Some people declared the month of March 2014 (3/14) to be "Pi Month." The 14th of March was designated as "Super Pi Day" in 2015. Because the date is written as 3/14/15 in month/ day/ year format, it has unique importance. The date and time combined at 9:26:53 reflected the first 10 digits of Pi value, while the second Pi Instant later represented all π's digits.


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Interesting Facts Related to Pi Value & Symbol

Here are some of the interesting and unknown facts related to the Pi symbol, value, and date. Read these facts and fill your knowledge bag:

1. Apart from 14th March, there are alternative dates when Pi day is being celebrated:

  • Since the fraction 22/7 is a frequent approximation of π, which is accurate to two decimal places and dates from Archimedes, Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on July 22 (22/7 in the day/month format).

  • On June 28 (6/28 in the month/day format), Two Pi Day, also known as Tau Day, is honoured in celebration of the mathematical constant Tau, which is calculated as 6.28.
  • The 10th of November is also known as Pi Approximation Day because it is the 314th day of the year.


Alternative Days to celebrate π Day


2. Pi is also known as Archimedes Constant, Circular Constant, Ludolph’s Number.

3. There is no special reason or theory behind the Pi symbol. However, the pi symbol is the 16th letter of the ancient Greek alphabet.

4. On this day in 1879, one of the great scientists, Albert Einstein was born.


Greek Scientist Albert Einstein was born


5. Pi value is also used by NASA to calculate the size of craters, find exoplanets, learn about the composition of asteroids, and calculate the amount of propellant a spaceship carries.


NASA Uses π for space exploration


6. Do you know there's a planet named Pi? It's K2-315b, an exoplanet whose orbital period is equal to the value of pi. This planet revolves around its star every 3.14 Earth days. It is about the same size as Earth, having a radius that is 95 percent that of our own planet. That's about the same size as Venus, and it's a scorching hot environment, with temperatures reaching 350 degrees Fahrenheit, just like our neighbouring sister world (177 degrees C). EPIC 249631677, a red dwarf (or M dwarf) star 186 light-years from Earth, is cooler than our sun and only about 1/5 the size of our sun.


Exoplanet Named After π


So, these are some of the unknown and interesting facts about Pi's value, symbol, and day on which it is celebrated. Hope this excites you and increases your knowledge about Pi day.

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List of Scholarships for Engineering Students 2022
19 Feb, 2022

Scholarships For Engineering Students

Engineering is one of the most popular career choices among students in India. Every student wants to study in the top engineering college in India. But not all get the opportunity to become a part of those prestigious institutes and colleges as their fees are on the higher side.

So, to provide financial assistance, the Central & State Government has launched various Scholarships for engineering students 2022. These scholarships will assist those financially aided students who could not get quality education due to their poor financial condition.

If you are also among them, this article is the best fit for you. Here you will get a list of all those engineering scholarships along with their details that will help you in your future. So, keep reading this article till the end and enroll in any of the below-mentioned scholarships.

Scholarships for Engineering Students 2022 – Eligibility & Amount

There are various engineering scholarships 2022 that are offered by many private organizations, institutions, NGOs, and Government. These scholarships aim to make quality education affordable for all students. So, you can check the top Scholarships for engineering students 2022 below.

Ratan Tata Scholarship for Engineering Students

Ratan Tata scholarship for engineering students is offered by Tata Education and Development Trust, which is a philanthropic affiliate of India’s Tata Group. This engineering scholarship is for those students who are willing to pursue undergraduate Engineering courses at Cornell University. You can check the eligibility conditions to apply for this scholarship for engineering students below:

  • You should be an Indian national and have attended secondary school in India.

  •  You should be enrolled in a 4-year UG program at Cornell University, New York.
  • You should be eligible for need-based financial aid.

The Tata Group has established a $25 million endowment that will allow Cornell to provide financial aid to undergraduate students from India.


JEE Target Package for 2023-24


GP Birla Educational Scholarship 2022

GP Birla Educational Scholarship 2022 is provided by the late Shri G.P. Birla. He was a renowned entrepreneur and Philanthropist. This scholarship is especially for native students from West Bengal. But there are certain conditions for students enrolling in this scholarship. You can check the eligibility conditions for this scholarship below:

  • Native students from West Bengal who have passed Class 12th in the year 2021 with a minimum of 80% marks are eligible for this engineering scholarship.

  • Top 15000 students in the JEE Exam can also apply for this scholarship.

You will be getting a scholarship amount of INR 50,000 per year. This amount will cover the hostel and tuition fees.

Samsung Star Scholarship Programme 2022

This engineering scholarship is offered by Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. The main aim of this scholarship scheme is to assist financially aided students and bring positive change in technology. If you want to avail this scholarship scheme, you are required to fulfill the below eligibility conditions:

  • This scholarship for engineering students is for Indian citizens only.

  • If you are pursuing B.Tech/ B.Tech + M.Tech dual degree program from IITs or NITs, then you can apply for this scholarship.
  • If you are in the top 50% of your class, you are eligible for this engineering scholarship 2022.

The amount you will be getting through this scholarship scheme is up to 2 lakh per annum, covering the hostel, tuition, and mess expenses.

Concord Biotech Limited Scholarship for B.E/ B.Tech Students

This scholarship for engineering students is offered by Concord Biotech Limited with an aim to support those students who are suffering from poor financial conditions. Below you can check the eligibility conditions that you are required to fulfill to avail this scholarship scheme:

  • To apply for this scholarship for engineering students, you need to score a minimum of 50% marks in your CBSE Class 10th & 12th or Diploma.

  • If you are pursuing B.E. / B.Tech. are eligible for this engineering scholarship.

If you are selected for this scholarship scheme, you will get INR 40,000 as financial assistance.

So, these are the top 4 scholarships in India for engineering students. You can apply to any of these scholarships and avail the reward. But you need to make sure you fulfill all the eligibility conditions of the engineering scholarships.

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