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  • JEE Complete Physics for Main & Advanced by NKC Sir

    Complete| English| Lecture 318

  • JEE Yearlong Physics for 12th Class by NKC Sir

    Yearlong| English| Lecture 135

  • JEE Yearlong Physics for 11th Class by NKC Sir

    Yearlong| English| Lecture 183

Course Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    ashu sharma
    Amazing course 
    You have cleared my concepts very clearly 
    it is for all type of students b''coz it contains problems of every level.
    For best results you have to do this course after completing your chapter.
    Thank you etoos for providing this course.
  • ★★★★★
    Siddharth Sharma
    Nkc Sir have best teaching style... his teaching style is excellent. I liked that''s.
  • ★★★★★
    Dushant Arora
    NKC Sir for no doubt is best teacher and the best thing about him that his teaching way is so unique and special that he can make understand the chapter very conveniently.
  • ★★★★★
    respected nkc sir please also provide past34 year iit video sol

Neeraj Kumar Chaudhary Sir Course Specification

A full-fledged curriculum that enables everyone to score good in physics

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physicsNeeraj Kumar Chaudhary Sir
Career Highlights

Physics genius for JEE Mains & Advanced. Alumni of IIT Delhi with over 12 years of teaching experience with Bansal and Vibrant classes of Kota. He has his own ability of attracting students’ attention with his sound technical knowledge & then mesmerizing them with some interesting facts of day to day life. As a part of etoosindia, he wants to bring forth the importance of e-learning and the need to be well versed with it. The spectrum of learning is vast and so are the choices — choose the right one to suit your academic needs. With Etoosindia, he wishes to suffice the purpose of smart study with anytime, anywhere accessibility. His favorite quote is “Knowledge empowers you to change how the world works” by Albert Einstein.


Physics for JEE Main & Advanced, Classes XI, XII & XIII

Message to Students

Memorizing formulae is certainly not a method to solve Physics paper. Think of Physics as a set of interesting theories and laws which explain the working of nature. My aim is to not only impart knowledge of the subject but also help attain expertise over speed, accuracy, philosophy & concepts for an all-round achievement. I, with my profound knowledge and hefty experience, can deal with all your problems only to help you understand and memorize the logical concepts behind them.

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