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  • JEE Complete Inorganic & Physical Chemistry for Main & Advanced by JH Sir

    Complete| English + Hindi| Lecture 315

  • Final Solution Master Course for JEE Main by JH Sir

    Solution Master| English + Hindi| Lecture 15

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  • ★★★★★
    i request etoos india by huge respect that plz ask jh sir to make advanced practice set problem course by which we may prepare for worst in iit advanced 2019.its my last try so i want to be selected by very good rank
  • ★★★★★
    kamal yadav
    good teacher
  • ★★★★★
    mukesh yadav
    nice style of teaching

Jitendra Hirwani Sir Course Specification

A full-fledged curriculum that enables everyone to score good in chemistry


The Ongoing Courses are based on the semi-live concept, under which the online student will get the lectures just after the 2 days of actual classroom. It means the online student will not get all the lectures immediately instead it will be provided within 2 days of the actual classroom to online student


If you want you can enjoy studying at your place with the help of ETOOSINDIA recorded courses. We provide each and every minute detail in our recorded lectures regarding the topic. Student have the perk to get all the lectures of selected course in VOD, MOBILE or USB Mode.

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chemistryJitendra Hirwani Sir
Career Highlights

Chemistry is a difficult subject for a few JEE learners, but Jitendra Hirwani sir has made it totally easy to understand the subject. Jitendra Hirwani (J.H.Sir), a B.Tech in Mining Engineering from IIT Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) in 2001.He is a chemistry mentor for IIT JEE and was associated with several premier institutes like Bansal Classes-Kota, Resonance-Kota, Career Point, Narayana, Gupta Tutorial-Indore, etc. And, now he is with Etoosindia.


He is specialized in teaching Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced, Classes XI, XII & XIII.


At ETOOSINDIA, he aims to reach out to a large number of students who are willing to seek help from him. He aims to electrify the JEE preparation with the dedicated problem-solving skill. He says inorganic chemistry chapters class 11 & 12 are important and should be studied really hard.


Students can access a number of chemistry courses by JH sir online. Students can download these video lectures and read anytime, anywhere. Inorganic chemistry class 11 notes available as pdf are appended to your IIT JEE Preparation study material’s folder.

Message to Students

In the new scenario of JEE, students must aim at attaining a balance between their board preparation and JEE preparation. For most students, chemistry is a boring subject, but this only happens when they do not follow a systematic approach. Study systematically with me, and I assure you of success in JEE. On a humorous note, my students have fondly coined my simplified teaching techniques as HIRWANI DEVELOPED FAST CALCULATION (H.D.F.C) and my name as ‘JARA HATKE’ (J.H. SIR).

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