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Exceptional JEE Main results by Etoosindia

  • Sanchit Arora99.97%ile
    Sanchit Arora
  • Romit Mohanty99.81%ile
    Romit Mohanty
  • Yash Raj99.80%ile
    Yash Raj
  • Arman Atibudhi99.72%ile
    Arman Atibudhi
  • Krishnakant Rathi99.64%ile
    Krishnakant Rathi
  • Shubhank Kulshreshtha99.64%ile
    Shubhank Kulshreshtha
  • Anand S99.56%ile
    Anand S
  • Anand S99.50%ile
    Kide Ganesh Uttam
  • Sarthak Gupta99.50%ile
    Sarthak Gupta
  • Ayush Singhal99.45%ile
    Ayush Singhal
  • Swagat Kumar Panda99.32%ile
    Swagat Kumar Panda
  • Subhash Kumar Suman99.19%ile
    Subhash Kumar Suman
  • Siddharth Shankar Pandey99.15%ile
    Siddharth Shankar Pandey
  • Vibhanshu Garg99.07%ile
    Vibhanshu Garg
  • Pratik Niranjan Kakade99.01%ile
    Pratik Niranjan Kakade
  • Shubham Kumar98.86%ile
    Shubham Kumar
  • Adari Yashwanth98.75%ile
    Adari Yashwanth
  • Shikhar Shukla98.64%ile
    Shikhar Shukla
  • Yash H Patel98.50%ile
    Yash H Patel
  • Bibha Kumari98.24%ile
    Bibha Kumari
  • Alok Kumar98.24%ile
    Alok Kumar
  • Kumar Shubham98.06%ile
    Kumar Shubham
  • Sumit Gupta97.55%ile
    Sumit Gupta
  • Mudit Kesharwani97.37%ile
    Mudit Kesharwani
  • Md. Hussain Nagaria96.80%ile
    Md. Hussain Nagaria


Success Stories of ETOOS Students

Amrinder Kaur

I am so grateful to Etooindia for turning my dreams into a reality. It wouldn't have been possible without their excellent video lectures which covered everything from A-Z. Each faculty was extremely supportive and motivated me to achieve my goal throughout my preparation. I absolutely love the VMTS app and want to recommend it to every upcoming aspirant. Thank you EtoosIndia!!

Bharat Kumar

The video lectures covered everything including NCERT book syllabus. To be very honest, the teachers were so helpful and their teaching style is what I liked the most. They provided assistance throughout my preparation. The methodology and techniques of Etoosindia are simply the best. Highly recommended for all JEE aspirants.