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Maximize your chance of becoming an Engineer or a Doctor

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Get Scholarship on the basis of your previous Exam score or achievements criteria

  • Upload your Scanned Marksheet of Previous Board / NTSE / KVPY / Olympiad & Entrance Exams (like JEE, NEET etc) Appeared.
  • Submit your Documents.
  • After Verification by Etoosindia Team, get your scholarship based on your score within 48 hours
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Who can avail Scholarship?

Scholarship is available on the basis of previous marks achieved in below exams:

Also available for Martyrs, EWS Category & Girl Child

We Cater to All Your Needs

Aspiring to become an engineer or doctor, then you must be well aware of the fact that these two are the most back-breaking exams in India. To clear this exam, apart from studying hard the candidate must have an engaging and interactive environment.
And this is what ETOOS India has to offer.
Get started with your NEET/IIT journey with our topmost faculties who are high on enthusiasm when it comes to imparting knowledge to the students. Solve your doubts, get a deeper understanding of your concepts, and clear your doubts with the most brilliant faculty.
It is important to stay motivated, consistent, and updated when you are preparing for exams like NEET/IIT. But the important question is what are you doing to stay motivated, consistent, and updated. Well if nothing then we gotta good news for you all.
With the help of ETOOS, you are going to get all the motivation and consistency you need.
We impart education through the top faculty of Kota. The teachers here are not only dripping with brilliance but are also the best motivators you might need in your success journey.
Now talking about being updated and consistent then you don’t have to worry about it at all because for that our Premiere and pioneer batch are the only things you need.
Preparation of NEET and JEE requires quite a lot of practice. To clear these exams with flying colors you need to be sharp with your problem-solving skills.
To help you with your problem-solving skills ETOOS India has introduced its mocks test series prepared by the best authors and free mock test series.
Now to solve help your question about what is so special about this series is that it is formed on the basis NTA paper pattern, thus giving you an idea of the actual exam.
These series are equipped with Assured Unique Questions, Mind Maps, Practice Questions & PYQ, Flexible Test Schedule, Customize your Own Test, Remedial Content to clear concepts at the same time, Robust Analytics, and Instant Evaluation.
It is crucial to monitor your progress and comprehensive assessment when preparing for exams like NEET/JEE.
Now how can you do that?
Well with ETOOS India you don’t have to worry about this too. With our mock test series and free mock test series, you can achieve excellence in problem-solving.
Our unique series are aided with Assured Unique Questions, Mind Maps, Practice Questions & PYQ, Flexible Test Schedule, Customization of your Own Test,
Remedial Content to clear concepts at the same time, Robust Analytics, and Instant Evaluation, all of these that too in one test series.
Thus our mock test series will not only helps you with your problem-solving skills but will also help you improve your strategical thinking abilities and problem-solving speed.

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Apply ETOOSINDIA Scholarship with Criteria (Upload Marksheet & Get Scholarship)

Important Instructions :

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No bar has been set for the score. Students will be offered a certain percentage of scholarship based on their marks in exams and no student will be declared 'fail'. Note: The higher the score will be, the higher will be the percentage of the scholarship. Etoosindia Administration will decide the percentage of Scholarship for Students.
Once the student has completed the process of uploading the mark sheets. Later within 48 hours, the scholarship percentage / result will be communicated to you.
You can avail the scholarship during admission (Online Course ) using the coupon code shared with you through mail and SMS with your Scholarship Result.