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  • JEE Complete Physical & Inorganic Chemistry for Main and Advanced by PS Sir

    Complete| English + Hindi| Lecture 264

  • First Step to Physical & Inorganic Chemistry by PS Sir

    Beginner| English + Hindi| Lecture 42

Course Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    sanket bansod
    best teacher although he had made few mistakes in certain chapters
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★
    PS sir is really great and his teaching style is unique....first he cleared concepts and explains the complicated question in easy manner also he has many shortcut tricks which makes more easy and fun.......PS sir really great
  • ★★★★★
    nice explanations sir

Prince Singh Sir Course Specification

A full-fledged curriculum that enables everyone to score good in chemistry


The Ongoing Courses are based on the semi-live concept, under which the online student will get the lectures just after the 2 days of actual classroom. It means the online student will not get all the lectures immediately instead it will be provided within 2 days of the actual classroom to online student


If you want you can enjoy studying at your place with the help of ETOOSINDIA recorded courses. We provide each and every minute detail in our recorded lectures regarding the topic. Student have the perk to get all the lectures of selected course in VOD, MOBILE or USB Mode.

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chemistryPrince Singh Sir
Career Highlights

Prince Sir is the champion in Physical & Inorganic chemistry for JEE Mains & Advanced. He is an Alumni of MNIT, Jaipur. Chemistry is no more a challenge with his easy solutions. His chemistry lectures make the path smoother for those who want admission in prestigious engineering colleges of India.He has 10 years of teaching experience with various coaching institutes across India.He has made chemistry fundamentals easier to understand for JEE students. His exclusive approach and unmatchable teaching style have made him famous amongst students.

His Favourite Quote is, “never compete…always dominate.”


He has specialization in teaching Chemistry for JEE Mains & Advanced, Classes 11th & 12th.


Now, at Etoosindia, he attempts to use this as a platform to help students study chemistry with better tools and techniques at the convenience of their home. He believes that Etoosindia will be a boon to students who wish to seek help from him but are unable to travel to Kota.He wants to combine his knowledge in JEE lectures and the hard work of the student in order to accomplish better outcomes. The special tips and tricks shared in the video lectures are the perfect guide for JEE aspirants.


Illustrative and experimental-based inorganic and organic chemistry video lectures can be downloaded from Etoosindia. These contain wonderful tips for resolving the queries fast. Student can download these chemistry video-based lectures from Etoosindia.

Message to Students

Belonging to a near generation, I am of the view that every student has his/her own understanding and I believe in molding myself accordingly. Through experience, I have developed an effective teaching style which involves thorough planning and organization of learning materials, challenging assignments, innovative teaching methods and techniques of class room management. I firmly believe in my knowledge that can help students accomplish success. So, reconstruct your Chemistry with me.

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