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JEE toppers strategy to do daily revision to ace the JEE 2023 exam

10 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

jee toppers'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' strategy to do daily revisionWill Sowing so many seeds on land grow trees? No right. The same is the case with the preparation for back-breaking exams like JEE. Your entire preparation is a complete waste if you do not go back to what you studied a few days ago. Like water is to seeds and land, the same is the revision to your entire preparation. It is crucial to brush up on whatever you have studied in a manner that it sticks in your brain even after the exam. The revision provides you an opportunity to re-visit and polish whatever you have learned so far. Hence the importance of it is quite clear. 

But the question that still remains with the aspirants is what are JEE toppers strategy to do daily revision?  

Revision helps in the proliferation of your learning abilities which will aid you in scoring high. But just like your preparation demands a proper strategy, similar is the case with revision. The revision process too must inculcate the following up of a proper strategy so that you revise in an order. 

To boost your preparation it is important that you follow a plan on JEE toppers strategy to do daily revision:

JEE toppers Strategy to do daily revision

Here are some tips by toppers on how to plan a strategy to do daily revision

1. Utilize the notes that you prepared earlier

You must have been told to or might have read somewhere about making notes while preparing for the JEE exam. Well now is the time to put these notes into use. Notes are crucial as these provide you with a quick glance into everything that requires focus. 

2. Prepare a revision timetable and adhere to it

The timetable for revision is as important as it is for your preparation. This is one of the best tips from JEE toppers strategy plan to do daily revision. A revision study plan will provide you with a well-formulated routine of how you should be reading the topics that you have already dealt with before. Make certain that you do not take into anything new for learning. This time is just for revision so keep it limited to that only. 

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3. Avoid attending new topics during revision

As mentioned above your revision should stay limited to revising topics and not learning something new. Revision involves revisiting the topics that you have already studied before. Picking any new topic at this stage will only loosen your confidence.

4. Practice for self-evaluation

Your revision should not just involve re-reading the concepts but must also inculcate ample practice to build solid strength over the practice part. The more you practice the more strategies you will develop over problem-solving. The JEE question paper is a lengthy one and not much time is allotted to solve the entire paper. So, to match up with the time limit you need to develop strategies that will help you solve questions in less time. 

And as self-evaluation is necessary you can take the help of previous years question papers and mock test series. Practicing these will familiarize you with the types of questions that are asked in the exam and also with the question paper format. 

5. Take short breaks and follow a proper sleep cycle

Your brain gets tired after hours of working and needs to retrieve energy to be able to work with full focus again. While studying your brain is the one that is doing most of the hard work and hence demands short breaks from time to time. After studying for an hour or two make sure that you are taking a 10-15 minutes break. You will notice a difference for yourself when you will do this. After the break, your brain will be able to grasp better than before, and don’t take breaks frequently. With small breaks, sufficient sleep is also necessary as sleep is like fuel that is necessary for the brain to function at its best.

So, if your preparation is all covered up by now, you can follow these excellent tips on how toppers do daily revision.

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