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6-Month Study Plan for JEE Main Exam 2023

27 Jul, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Are you aiming at the JEE main Exam 2023 And have yet not decided how to prepare for the exam in the remaining time? It is indeed crucial to begin your JEE preparation as early as possible but if you haven't yet started you need to come up with strategies that will provide support to your JEE preparation

Even if you started your JEE preparation 2023 a year ago, what counts the most is how well your last month's Jee preparation is going. The last 6 months can be immensely high-yielding only if you are dedicate enough and are following all the right tips that will make this exam less challenging for you. So, if you are one of those students who wasted their initial time procrastinating then worry not because we are here to help you begin from scratch.

Tips For JEE Main Exam 2023

Here by providing you with some of the tips that will make the JEE main exam 2023 uncallenging for you:

  1. A smart study schedule for assured success

The best way to utilize the remaining time to the fullest is by following a proper study schedule. Following a study schedule will help you allot the required time for each section. You maximize your chances of qualifying for the JEE main exam 2023 with flying colors when there is a proper planner leading your JEE preparation. Set achievable goals in this timetable and aim at accomplishing them by the end of the day, this will help you cover the vast syllabus on time and will give you a sense of accomplishment.


  1. Let the syllabus do the trick

You must be wondering how the syllabus plays an important part in the JEE preparation. But it does a lot. Getting acquainted with the syllabus helps you cover a part of your preparation. It lets you know all the important topics and the areas that demand more attention. 


  1. Get acquainted with the exam pattern

To achieve the desired results it is important to get familiar with the exam pattern. It will help you plan a proper strategy that will help you answer each section wisely. It will let you know the marking scheme, which will further let you know how much time to spend on each question and the types of questions that are asked in the exam. 


  1. Emphasize each topic

Exams like JEE that include such a vast syllabus need to be studied in full detail. Digging in the depth of each topic will add wonders to your JEE preparation. 

ETOOS India is here to make this task easy. Our newly launched drill course is here to solve your topic-based doubts. We believe that to breeze through the exam, covering each section is important and this is what our drill course aims at. We provide detailed theory with examples, exercise lectures for JEE mains/JEE advanced, PYQ lectures for the last 5 years, and high-level questions that have maximum chances of being asked. 

So, make a stronghold on the important topics and register for the drill course today. 


  1. practice perfect 

Someone said it right that practice makes a man perfect. The more you pay heed to practice the more chances you lock of getting selected for the JEE exam. Taking a mock test series helps you polish your problem-solving skills. It gives you an idea of ​​where you stand in the competition and tells you what your weaknesses are. Not just this, taking mock test series helps you manage time effectively. Practicing mock test series will introduce you to the type of questions that are asked in the JEE main exam 2023 thus reducing your exam fear. 

If you are searching for the best mock test series then we got some good news. Your hunt for the best mock test series ends here. 

ETOOS India provides the best mock test series prepared by expert faculties on the basis of NTA pattern paper. Not just this to fuel your preparation, our mock tests series provides assured unique questions, mind maps, practice questions PYQs, flexible test schedule, customization of your own test, and everything that is needed to help you excel in the exam. 


  1. Wisely Choose Your Books For Preparation

The markets are flooded with books that make promises of assured success in the JEE main exam 2023. But a thing you need to keep in mind is that the selection of the right books for the preparation for this back-breaking exam is essential. Take advice from your mentors, and teachers or take topper notes to know what books helped them ace the exam. Every student has a different level of understanding and considering your own, select the books that are easy for your preparation. 


  1. Enroll In TSC Course For Guaranteed Success In JEE 2023

As not much time is left for the JEE main exam 2023, you obviously need to boost up your preparation speed to match the level of the competition. ETOOS India your learning partner understands that every minute of your preparation is vital and to take out the best output of your remaining time, we have our Time Saver Course to your rescue. With its unique way of imparting education, this course guarantees assured success and has a success rate of 74%. The TSC is curated by the experts to make your JEE preparation unchallenging. You will be provided with live interactive classes, structured and targeted study material, online tests, detailed analysis, doubt solving, and mentorship. 

So, make the best of these 6 months and ace the JEE main exam 2023 with flying colors. 



How many hours should I study to prepare for JEE?

To crack the JEE exam you need to study for 12-14 hours dedicatedly.


How many marks are in JEE Advanced?

The JEE advanced exam is 306 marks and the exam duration is 3 hours. 


Is Ncert enough for JEE Advanced?

NCERTs are important to cover the basics but you are required to expand your area and take the help of reference level books to be able to solve the advanced level questions.