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JEE Main Difficulty Level 2023: Level Up Your Strategies For JEE 2023

03 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

JEE Main Difficulty level 2023

JEE Main difficulty level 2023, will it be tough?

As per the recent reports, it is much more likely that session 1 of JEE 2023 might be held in January 2023. Which does not leave the aspirants with much time to prepare for the JEE 2023 exam. In order for your preparation to be excellent you need to get familiar with the JEE Main difficulty level 2023 so that you can plan your preparation accordingly. 

A common question that all the JEE aspirants ask is will the difficulty level of the JEE exam be higher.

A popular misconception among JEE students is that the difficulty of the JEE exam increases every year. In reality, such is not always the case. Sometimes the difficulty level is higher while in some cases it's lower than the preceding year. It is advised to the JEE aspirants to not be scared about the difficulty level of the JEE exam. The concentration should be rather on the preparation. The ranks are given according to relative performance therefore what matters is how you perform on the day of the exam. Keeping stress out and being calm while performing the paper will help you perform well. 

JEE Main difficulty level 2023: How to strategize a difficult paper? 

Ever wondered why the success rate of the JEE exam is so flat? Even after lots of hard work and dedication, aspirants fail to clear the JEE exam. The reason is quite obvious, i.e, Lacking proper strategies. No matter how much dedication you are putting into your preparation but if you are not following the right strategies to keep up with the vast JEE syllabus, you will find it difficult to solve the paper. 

Therefore, it is a chief constituent to strategize difficult papers like JEE to easily breeze through its tough air. 

Given are some of the heads that you should follow to level up with the JEE Main difficulty level 2023:

1. Leave no space for stress

The JEE exam brings a tough time and stress making an entrance in your mind is quite usual but what should be taken care of is how you deal with this stress. Do not let it burden you. A stressed mind is more likely to forget even the simplest of things. If you feel anxious just close your eyes and start meditating, it's just a matter of 3 hours so keep your calm intact. Read the questions with full focus and answer them accordingly. 

2. Read the instructions on the paper

For those students who didn't practice the JEE mock test, you need to go through the instructions first written on the question paper. You should be familiar with how to select, review, and submit the answers, how to see the full question paper, the timer option, etc.

3. Consider the paper as a mock test

The environment of the exam hall can cause anxiety to even the brighter students. It's the anxiety that can cause failure. The only way you can curb this anxiety is by taking your main exam as just another mock test. This will help you overcome the exam fear.

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4. Learn to prioritize the questions

The first thing you need to do when you are handed over the question paper is to take a quick glance at the entire question paper in the time allotted to read the paper. Then prioritize the questions according to the difficulty level. Solve the ones that you find easy first, then move to the rest. 

Both hard and easy ones carry equal marks but doing the easy ones first will not only save you plenty of time but will also help you gain confidence.

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5. Be quick with the selection of questions

One of the mistakes students commit while performing the paper is taking a lot of time to decide whether they can answer a question or not. To be able to manage the time you need to analyze quickly whether you can solve a question or not. Look at the options then only start solving the question. Leave the question for later if you don’t have any clue about it. 

6. Focus on your time management technique

Another important point that the aspirants should keep in mind while preparing for the JEE exam is the management of time. Time management for JEE groups plays a crucial role and you should not spend the majority of your time in a single section. Practicing mock tests will help you with this as it will give you an idea of how you should be balancing time during exams. 

7. Be alert with the rough work

Be careful while copying the values and important data, and do not make silly mistakes. 

Shocking update about JEE 2023 exam date

JEE Main difficulty level 2023: Paper analysis 

To excel in the JEE exam it is crucial that you are well aware of the JEE Main difficulty level 2023. But a detailed analysis can only be done once the exam has been conducted. It is not the level of difficulty that you should be concerned about while preparing for the exam but the level of preparation. No matter how easy or difficult the level of the JEE exam ought to be, you should always be top-notch in the preparation. Your preparation should never be less and then only you can excel in the JEE Main difficulty level 2023.


Which are the best online coaching classes for IIT JEE?

There are a number of online coaching platforms that provide coachings for JEE but the one that I would recommend is ETOOS India as it provides the best study material and expert-curated courses that will make the JEE exam unchallenging for you. You can access the top courses provided by their expert faculties at the most affordable prices. And if you have any doubts regarding what to choose you can watch their demo videos.

How did you prepare for the IIT-JEE?

The given tips will help you prepare for the JEE exam:

  • Get acquainted with the JEE 2023 syllabus

  • Familiarize yourself with the JEE exam pattern

  • Form a JEE 2023 preparation study plan

  • Choose the right resource books

What are the good strategies to achieve a score 600+ in NEET in 6 months?

The given tips will help you score 600+ in the NEET exam in the remaining months:

  1. Make the right choice while opting for the reference books

  2. Learn effective time management techniques

  3. Stay regular on practice

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