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5 Amazing Tips to Prepare for JEE Main Physics Question Paper 2023

08 Sep, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

JEE Main Physics Question Paper

If you are preparing for the JEE mains exam then you must be aware of the fact that out of all the three subjects physics is one of the most essential and challenging subjects. The JEE main physics question paper comprises application-based questions that are easy to solve but a bit difficult to interpret. 

As per the experts, the level of difficulty of the JEE main physics question paper is moderate to easy thus to be able to excel in the JEE physics section the students need to build a solid grip over the basics first and then only move to the higher levels. Looking over the past trends, it has been shown that the JEE main Physics question paper has always been tricky and this is one of the many reasons why students keep their hunt for how to prepare for the JEE mains Physics question.

To breeze through the JEE exam you must score well in all the subjects. And focusing on just passing the exam won’t do the trick, to score 100+ in the JEE mains Physics question paper you are required to follow the tips that will help you with the same.

JEE Main Physics Question Paper: Important topics

To begin your preparation for scoring high in the JEE main Physics question paper, you need to focus on the important topics first. The JEE main Physics question paper comprises two sections. Section A includes theory and Section B includes questions based on experimental skills. The JEE mains exam 2023 includes 21 units in total.

Given below is a list of important topics for JEE mains Physics question paper:

Important chapters of JEE mains Physics class 11

  • Thermodynamics

  • Work, Power, Energy

  • Rotation

  • Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Waves Oscillations

  • General Organic Chemistry

  • Structure of Atom

  • Equilibrium

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Complex Numbers

  • Trigonometry

Important chapters of JEE mains Physics class 12

  • Modern Physics

  • Electrodynamics

  • Electrochemistry

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Coordination Compounds

  • 3D Geometry

  • Vector

  • Probability

  • Integration

5 Tips to prepare for JEE Main Physics Question Paper

1. Prepare short notes of formulas 

When preparing for the JEE mains exam, keeping a track of all the formulas is crucial and hence it becomes a necessity to make notes of all the formulas of physics on a sheet. You can make the learning of the formula easy by making short notes of every formula depicting the meaning of the same and its application. They make the in-depth revision of the formula very easy.

2. Read the questions with full focus

To score well in the JEE mains Physics question paper it is important to answer the question paper correctly and for that, you need to read the questions with all focus, reading the question wrong will have you answer it incorrectly and thus your grades will be affected. To avoid this, practice reading the question paper quickly. Answer the practice question paper just like the actual JEE exam. Taking the JEE mock tests and practicing samples will also help you with the same, not just this, practicing also helps you boost your problem-solving skills. 

3. Self-analysis

Solving JEE previous year's question papers or taking mock test series will help you evaluate yourself. Self-analysis is important to get an idea of the areas that demand more attention. Keeping a track of your progress will help you perform better in the JEE main Physics question paper. 

4. Revision is the key 

Keep learning new topics is important but not if you do not keep a record of the previous ones. The JEE exam inculcates a vast syllabus and hence it is important to keep revising what you learned earlier. Schedule weekly revisions after every 6 days and revise everything that you covered in those 6 days. Revising from the notes you prepared earlier will be of much help and will make the revision easy.

5. Make question-solving a daily habit 

To ace the JEE main physics question paper it is important that you keep practicing questions regularly by attempting at least 5 questions daily. You can take the help of a previous year's question paper. It will familiarize you with the exam pattern and the types of questions that are asked in the exam. 

So, if you think you are lacking in the JEE mains physics preparation then following the tips given above will solve this issue of yours. Remember one thing it is the sum of all three that form the score of your JEE mains exam. 

Therefore, with the help of ETOOS India excel in every subject and scores top-notch in the JEE 2023.



1. How to prepare for the JEE mains exam?

The following tips will help you prepare for the JEE mains exam 2023:

  • Prepare a study schedule

  • Get familiar with the syllabus

  • Do not skip NCERTs

  • Use the right resource books

  • Focus on your basics first then move to the advanced level

  • Stay regular on revisions

  • Practice the previous year's question paper

  • Take JEE mock test series

  • Study during your productive hours

  •  Keep distractions at bay

  • Take ample sleep to keep your mind active

2. Can I clear JEE Mains by studying NCERT?

NCERT books play an important role in clearing the basics of the JEE exam in-depth but these are not sufficient. In order to crack the JEE exam you need to take the help of the reference books.

3. How many hours do JEE toppers study?

If you want to crack the JEE mains exam like toppers then you need to study for at least 10-12 a day.