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JEE Main and JEE Advanced: 7 Effective Strategies to follow while preparing

23 Jun, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Effective Strategies follow while preparing

The most backbreaking exam that is the JEE exam is just around the corner and the aspiring candidates are all set with their brilliant minds to compete for the JEE main exam 2022. Lakhs of students appear for this exam to accomplish their dream of becoming the top engineers but only a few are able to score high thus securing a seat in their dream college. 

Being one of the toughest exams, the JEE preparation involves months and years of hard work, dedication, and focus. Some candidates begin their JEE advanced and mains preparation from 9th, some kick start their preparation from 11th grade while there are candidates who start their IIT preparation a year prior or just a few months before the date of examination. 

The candidates are immersed in anxiety as the exam approaches but this is normal, as you should know how to curb this anxiety.

To help you with your anxiety and help you score high in the JEE mains and JEE advanced exams we have prepared a list of strategies that you can follow to keep your JEE preparation top-notch.

The following tips will help you in your IIT preparation:

  1. Know the syllabus well

Getting familiar with the JEE mains and JEE advanced syllabus is the first step toward the JEE strategy that you should follow. Ignoring the syllabus can impact your grades and hence it is suggested to get an overview of the JEE syllabus. It will help you know the important topics, course objectives, and exams pattern, and will help you form a fitted timetable.

When you are well acquainted with the syllabus, forming a well-laid timetable will become easy for you. 

  1. A proper study plan

The next step that will bring you closer to your dream college is the formation of a well-laid plan. Forming a proper timetable is a crucial IIT preparation strategy. Draft a plan and insert daily goals in this timetable. A daily set of goals is vital for completing your syllabus on time, this leaves you with enough time to focus on your revision as well. You increase your chances of scoring high when you are bound by a brilliant study plan.

  1. The right study material

Start your JEE main preparation with the right books. There are a variety of books available in the market but make certain that you choose the right ones. Choose only those books that have specifically been designed for the JEE preparation. Make NCERTs your friends as they are important to get a good hold of your basics. 

With the advanced technology, now the JEE aspirants can have the access to courses of major coaching institutes anywhere and anytime as they are providing best online coaching for iit jee.

  1. Focus on your basics

Before diving into your IIT preparation it is important to develop a stronghold on your basics. JEE exam requires you to be well versed in advanced level problem solving and to champion advanced level questions you need to have good knowledge of the basics. Study from the NCERTs first because these books play a vital role in making the foundations of your basics strong.

  1. Time management

When appearing for competitive exams like JEE advanced you need to learn proper time management. Effective time management helps you finish your syllabus on time. Not just this, with effective time management you will be able to solve all the questions in the exam appropriately. Effective time management will also give you ample time for your revision and practice. 

  1. Take mock test series

Mock test series are formed on the basis of nta jee syllabus and solving these will give you a clear picture of the actual exam. Solving mock test series on a regular basis will help you polish your problem-solving skills and boost your strategic thinking. In addition to this, practicing mock test series will help you speed up your problem-solving and will help you manage time during the time of the exam.

  1. Regular revisions

Revision is crucial to remember the facts, concepts, topics, and chapters that you have studied before. Studying for long hours or studying at the best coaching institute won’t help if you are not giving a good time to your revisions. When forming a timetable make sure to add space for revisions as well. The daily revision will help you champion your syllabus because the more you revise the more you will be able to overcome your weak points. 


Hence, these are the best JEE preparation strategies that will help you in your JEE mains and IIT JEE advanced paper


Is studying 3 hours a day enough for JEE?

No, if you are preparing for JEE mains then 3-4 hours of studies are not enough. You need to study for at least 12-13 hours.

Can a weak student crack IIT?

Yes, if you are up to date with your IIT preparation then anybody can crack this exam. 

Is 1 year enough for JEE?

Yes, you can crack JEE in one year if you are regular in your preparation, revisions, and problem-solving.