ETOOS Online E-Learning

ETOOS trendifies the JEE, PRE-MEDICAL, CBSE Preparations
by bringing in the Success to teach you Online!
Prepare for JEE, PRE-MEDICAL, CBSE the eWay with the Pioneer.
Etoos Introduces eWay with the Pioneer in the E- learning arena!

The Best faculties of Kota with ETOOSINDIA

The best faculties are like the best leaders. So, the best faculties of Kota joined hands with us only to bring arsenal of
problem-solving techniques for efficient and effective studying. Our faculty members are trained to make better learning process for students.
Seeking help, solving problems, discussing topics Will all be as easy taking home tuitions.

  • Experience
  • Success Stories
  • Popularity
  • Teaching style

Etoosindia provides interactive video lecture explaining concept in a simple teaching manner, with the use of innovative techniques.
This leads to high retention and students are able to understand the concept better. Each course is divided into a series of lectures and exam questions that highlight all the topics for that particular course. Our lectures are already molded as per the new JEE pattern only to provide The best preparatory material. We will focus on all the majors of the new pattern and prepare the students accordingly.

Factors that lead to Better retention while Studying
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Use of simple Teaching method
  • Use of examples, Innovative
    problem solving techniques

Etoosindia breaks the old school system of providing one standard package to all. Today students want customized made packages. Etoosindia lets a student pick up not only faculty but also a topic over entire course.Students can pick up a course only in calculus or algebra depending upon his requirement.Likewise, choose the level of your learning by deciding on an advanced or a beginner's course.
You can choose the best suited course depending on your need and understanding, and make selection accordingly.


With Etoosindia students can study anytime as per their convenience and that too in the comfort of their homes.
Not only this, you can pause your lecture when required and resume studying later. Now make your own time-table without bothering about
fixed time frames for a class. Never miss your lecture because now you have the control.

  • 45% Miss at least 1 Lecture
    a week due to bad health
  • 25% Miss the beginning of the lecture
    at least 3times in a week due to travel delays

There is no substitute for daily practice. With Etoosindia'€™s video lectures you can play, replay till the time you understand the concept. You can watch one lecture over and over again until you are thorough with its concept and understanding. Use this to brush up your skills on a particular topic or the entire course series.

  • Students miss lectures due to certain
    reasons and wish to take them later
  • Students want to repeat
    their lectures before exams
  • student do not understand
    the concept in the 1st lecture

Get round-the-clock access to all your favorite teachers. Past questions, seek suggestions or raise queries to the faculty members as and when desired. Our faculties understand all small little questions that keep coming to the minds of the students, so they make themselves available to you for a better and improved learning experience. You can also learn from other'€™s queries as you get access to a question bank which is an open platform for any student to post his/her questions.

  • Students are hesitant
    to ask question in the class
  • students have questions while
    they are revising lecture at home

Etoosindia lets you choose and pay accordingly. From the ample choices make a selection of your own, whether an entire course or just one topic.
Paying for a full course isn'€™t mandate with us. So enjoy the power and choose wisely.

  • Build your courses
  • Nominal Fee
  • Save Money