Foundation Surface area and volumes for class 9th by MC Sir

In this course include various types of three dimensional shapes such as Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Hemi-Sphere, Frustum of cone. Derivations of each formula, Coversation of one shape to another shape,Problem based on Total and curved surface area of each shapes.

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Subject Mathematics Medium English Target IX Class Language English + Hindi
Category Topic Based Lecture 19 Videos Coming soon Lecture 20 Videos Study Material PDF Files
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Full coverage of topic Surface area and volume 9th + 10th class

  • Properly organized solutions in chapter-wise and page wise format help find your solution quickly
  • Must for class 8th and 9th studying students who want to do well in NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, IIT JEE, Medical and other engineering and competitive exams
  • Ideal for class 9th students who are preparing for NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, IIT JEE Exams.
  • Essential for higher mathematics learning students.
  • Essential for CBSE, NIOS & ICSE Exam preparations
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