Foundation Statistics,Probability for class 9th by MC Sir

This course include general introduction of probability (chance), Different types of events associated to an experiments, Mutually exclusive and simple events, analytical based problem, general introduction of statistics, Collection of different Types of data, Primary and secondary data, Geographical representation of data, preparation of grouped and ungrouped frequency distribution table, Tally marks representation, Measurement of central tendency, Mean , Median and Mode for group and ungrouped data.

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Subject Mathematics Medium English Target IX Class Language English + Hindi
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Full coverage of topic Probability and Statistics 9th class

  • Properly organized solutions in chapter-wise and page wise format help find your solution quickly
  • Must for class 8th and 9th studying students who want to do well in NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, IIT JEE, Medical and other engineering and competitive exams
  • Ideal for class 9th students who are preparing for NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, IIT JEE Exams.
  • Essential for higher mathematics learning students.
  • Essential for CBSE, NIOS & ICSE Exam preparations
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