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Foundation Introduction to Trigonometry for class 10th by MC Sir

Review of Introduction,Trigonometry Ratio of the angle ,angle ,adjacent side to angle,side opposite to angle A,fundamental T-ratio sine,cosine tan,,cot cosc,sec, similar triangle,important point,Pythagoras theorem ,values of trigonometric ratio's for some specific angles Degree,0,30,45,60,&90 degree with proof derivation,trigonometric table highlights ,Trigonometric ratio of complementary angle,Trigonometric identities with proof

Subject Mathematics Medium English Target X Class Language English + Hindi
Category Topic Based Total/Available Lectures 12 Videos Coming Soon Lectures 12 Videos Study Material PDF Files
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Foundation Introduction to Trigonometry for class 10th by MC Sir


Course Structure:

  • Periodic Test is conducted in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test.
  • Longest time availability as compared to other Courses.
  • Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects
  • The focus of the Course is more on concept building & gradual improvement in the performance of the students.
  • Develops quick analytical thinking & systematic problem solving skills
  • consolidate the Mathematical knowledge and skills acquired at the upper primary
  • Properly organized solutions in chapter-wise and page wise format help find your solution quickly
  • Must for class 9th and 10th studying students who want to do well in NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, IIT JEE, Medical and other engineering and competitive exams
  • Ideal for class 10th students who are preparing for NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY, IIT JEE Exams.
  • Essential for higher mathematics learning students.
  • Essential for CBSE, NIOS & ICSE Exam preparations

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