First Step to Inorganic Chemistry by PS Sir

  • This course emphasizes on the basic concepts and their applications.
  • It is like learning the alphabets before learning a language, if you want to improve or perfect your chemistry so that you can maximize your score in the maximum scoring subject, then this course is for you.

So Master the Concepts of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry with Prince of Chemistry – Prince Sir.

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Subject Chemistry Medium English Target XI,XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
Category Beginner Lecture 16 Videos Coming soon Lecture 0 Videos Study Material PDF Files
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Complete concepts of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry like Periodic Table and Periodicity & Chemical Bonding.

  • Students who are studying in some coaching but cannot understand well due to weak basic concepts. This course will improve the basic of a student.
  • The students who have cleared X class and are preparing for competitive exams for the first time. By this course the students will have an idea of how to deal with the questions and how to make a blue print before attempting a particular question.
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