Final Solution Master of Biology for NEET by MAQ Sir

  1. This course is prepared by well known and experienced faculty among students by the name of MAQ sir He is experienced for more than16 Years in teaching and expertise in Biology.
  2. By introducing this course MAQ Sir wants to help those students who want to practice important questions that have maximum chances to come int their NEET/AIIMS 2018.
  3. This course comprises of approximately 20 lectures discussion video lectures and focuses on important questions only from each unit.
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Subject Biology Medium English + Hindi Target XI,XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
Category Solution Master Lecture 20 Videos Coming soon Lecture 0 Videos Study Material PDF Files
Course Range

Final complete solution Master of Biology for NEET by MAQ sir of both 11th and 12th class

  • This course is essential for those students who are studying in Class 11th,12thand 13th.
  • This course target to those students who wants to target high score in their medical entrance examination for course like MBBS or BDS.
  • This course focuses on those students especially who are weak in their precticing questions and wants to gain good and high marks for both 11th and 12th class.
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