Transport In Plants by AA Mam

  • This course will cover the entire portion of Transport in plant required for CBSE curriculum and medical entrance exams conducted by them.
  • Lecture videos are enriched and fulfilled with all essential level of medical exams.
  • NCERT covered completely and theory is followed by discussion classes ( MCQ's ).
  • Interesting tricks for memory.

The empirical experience gained and practical exercises carried out during the course would prepare the student to handle Biology easily at higher levels in case she/he opts to continue further studies in this area.

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Subject Biology Medium English + Hindi Target XI,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
Category Topic Based Lecture 16 Videos Coming soon Lecture 0 Videos Study Material N/A
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This course contains complete '' Transport in plant ,'' syllabus by AA Mam for preparation of NEET.

  • This course is must for class 11th,12th and 13th students preparing for NEET examination.
  • The students who keen to get good marks and be in medical profession should go for this entire topic based course covering all required content.
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