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What is the Best All Day Time Table for Class 10 & 12 Board Exam Students

06 Jan, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Best Study Time table.

Both classes 10th and 12th have been given supreme importance in the Indian education system. The students have to appear for the board exams for class 10th and 12th. The students should score well in class 10th if they want to get the stream of their choice and to get the dream college the 12th class score is considered.

It is the amount of hard work the student puts, that matters the most. Scoring well isn’t difficult you need to be dedicated towards your goal and you will surely be able to turn your dream into reality. Here we have the Best Timetable for the students of class 10th & 12th to enhance their performance in the examination.


Best Study Time Table for Students of Class 10 & 12 Board Exam.

Early to Bed Early to Rise

The generation has inculcated the habit of sleeping late and waking up late, if you are also following this pattern then you should work on removing this ill habit as soon as possible. Start your day early so that you have enough hours to manage your routine. You might feel that it’s difficult, but once you adopt this habit you will get used to it.

wake up.

Forming your Study Routine the right way

You need to draft a timetable properly and for that, you need to analyses the Exam syllabus of all the subjects thoroughly. When you are aware of the syllabus you will have an accurate idea about how many hours you have to invest in the different subjects and topics. Get a chart and pen on its timetable for study at home class 12/ timetable for study at home class 10.

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Your Brain Cells also need rest

You need to give enough rest to your brain. Once you are done with your studies, instead of wasting time on the screen you should do something that provides your brain with enough rest. Also, take necessary breaks while studying. Sitting for long hours will make you lose your concentration and even your brain will stop taking the matter you are learning.

Keep reminding yourself about your goal

You have your goal with you. Make sure your goal doesn’t get erased from your memory, you have decided to excel in your dream so know everything related to the exam.

set goals.


How Making Timetables will help you?

There are students who don’t prefer studying with the help of a timetable, well if you are also following this approach then you are going wrong. In order to score well, you need to have a proper timetable that distributes your routine properly; this will assist you in putting your studies in the right place.

Also when you have a timetable, you have a clear vision of what to study and when to study, your mind is already prepared for it and this saves much of your time that rather gets wasted in deciding the topic you will be starting with. The students who don’t prefer a timetable are often found struggling in choosing the subject they should begin with and a lot of precious time gets disturbed in this.

Time table for Study.


Study Timetable for Class 10 & 12 Necessarily Requires Revision

Revision is essential; try practising more and more with the help of previous years’ question papers and sample question papers

Hope these tips related to your Timetable for study at home for class 10 or 12 will help you in your drafting your success.

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