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CBSE Board Exam 2023: How to Prepare for CBSE Class 10th for 2023

21 Jun, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Prepare CBSE Board Exams 2023

Be it school-level exams or university-level exams, exams always leave the students with stress. The first time the students face the dilemma of the actual board exam is in the 10th class. The student is always roped with the question of how how to score high in the board exam pf CBSE class 10 because they obviously have the fear of appearing for the board exam for the first time. It is important to get a good score in the CBSE board exam 2023 because these exams decide what field you should opt for later in the future. Here are CBSE Class 10 Online Preparation Tips.

To excel in CBSE 2023 exam you not only need to work hard but also smart. These exams are crucial as they have a huge impact on the student’s mental health. Being nervous about the board exam is normal but adopting the right strategies to excel in this exam is important. 

Tips to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2023:

Here are some of the tips that will help you champion the CBSE board exam Class 10:

  1. A proper planner

One of the tip to prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2023 Exam is to have a proper plan. You might study day and night but might not excel what could be the reason in such a case? The reason is the need for a proper study schedule or a proper planner. A proper -planner or timetable gives equal time to all the subjects and topics that will help you cover the whole syllabus. When you are following a timetable you are bound to follow it. It makes it easy for you to know what to study next. Add small breaks to this timetable. While forming this timetable set daily goals and try o accomplish them by the end of the day. This will not only help you finish your CBSE syllabus on time but will also give you a sense of accomplishment. 

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus

No matter how hard you are studying, it is all in vain if you are not familiar with the syllabus. Not being familiar with the syllabus can lead to missing out on a few topics that might be of good weightage and this can cost you in the actual exam. While going through the syllabus mark the important topics and the topics that you are weak at. 

  1. A smart tip

This is one of the best tips to cover your CBSE board exam syllabus. You do not need to have too much on your plate. Avoid taking all the easy topics in one day and the difficult ones in one. Follow a mix and match strategy instead. In your day take a combination of topics that includes both easy and difficult ones. Doing all the hard ones in a single day can make you feel frustrated. So, follow the given strategy to avoid this. 

  1. No new topics

Another Tip to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2023 is to Keep the night before exams only for revisions. Do not pick any new topic, this will only make things difficult for you. Your focus should be on understanding rather than cramming the topics. When you learn and understand something by heart it makes it easy for you to pen down your knowledge whereas when you cram something you do not remember it for long. 

  1. Flow charts and diagrams will help

It is a fact that visuals help you learn faster and more efficiently than words. While revising take the help of flow charts and diagrams as they help you get a quick insight into the key concepts and information associated with it. 

  1. Small breaks are a must

Boards exams require long hours of study and such long hours of studies can make you feel bored and frustrated so a tip to prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2023 is to take a 10-15 minutes break after every hour. This will keep you fresh and help you concentrate better.

  1. Revisions are important

When appearing for exams like CBSE board exam class 10 you need to stay up to date with your revision. No matter how good of coaching classes you are attending and how many long hours you are devoting to your studies, if you are not regular on revisions then it is all in vain. Revisions help you get a strong hold on the topics and let you know your strong and weak areas. Revisions help you remember what you have studied already. The more you revise the more you will be able to champion in your syllabus.

  1. Practice previous year’s question papers

Another tip to prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2023 is to practice more and more sample papers and cbse previous year question papers. 

The more you practice the more you will get familiar with your weak areas and strong areas. It will help you boost confidence and will curb exam-related anxiety, fear, and stress. 

  1. Well written answers

With a good preparation strategy, another most important thing for the CBSE board exam class 10 is well-written answers. Your answers should follow the word limit, and should not be too long or too short. Writing answers in points is the key to scoring good marks in board exams. Make sure to write the subheads with a black pen and the rest of the answer with a blue pen. Draw margins for an excellent appearance of the answer sheet. This will not only impress the checker but will also make it easy for them to check the answer sheet.

So, these are some of the tips that you should follow if you want to score high in the CBSE board exam 2023. 


How should I start my 10th board preparation?

Following are the tips that will help you prepare for your 10th board preparation:

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus

  2. Prepare a proper timetable

  3. Do not skip classes

  4. Study from NCERTs

  5. Stay regular on revisions

  6. Practice sample papers and previous year’s question paper

  7. Stay healthy and take ample sleep      

How many hours should I study in Class 10 CBSE?

If you are preparing for the CBSE board exam class10 then studying for 8-9 hours is enough.    

Is the 10th CBSE board difficult?

If you are up to date on your preparation then the CBSE board exam is not difficult for you. Starting your preparation early will make it even easier for you. 

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