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Last Minute Revision for NEET 2022 - How to Revise for NEET Physics, Chemistry and Biology

15 Dec, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

Last Minute Revision for NEET 2022- There are many students who appear for the NEET exam every year. NEET is known to be one of the toughest exams in the country.

It is conducted by the national testing agency of India. The orientation of the NEET exam is to provide intelligent and capable students seats in the top medical colleges of the country. The competition is really tough and it is not easy to get on the list of toppers.

The exam is centred on three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Last Minute Revision for NEET 2022


Last Minute Revision Strategy for NEET 2022

 How to Revise for NEET Physics, Chemistry, Biology? and what is a NEET 2022 last minute revision Strategy and many more. here Kota's best faculties suggest the best revision strategy for neet 2022 Preparation. Students need to Follow it and score well in the examination.


How to Revise for NEET Physics, Chemistry, and Biology?

The students prepare day in day out to score well in the NEET paper, still many times due to a minute loophole, the students' loose marks in the paper. Hence the students should make proper strategies to score well in the NEET exam.

One of the best strategies to improve the performance in the NEET exams is revising as much as possible. There are many students who don’t pay much attention to their studies while revising. Well, if you are following this track then you are definitely committing a very big mistake. For NEET students, revision is the key to success. With every revision, the confidence and the subjects of the students get strong. Here we have for you NEET revision tips by Expert.


NEET Physics Revision Strategy -

When you start your preparation, make sure you maintain a handy formula book as well; this formula book will help you in the best way during the time of revise.

In physics, formulas are of great importance. You need to learn all the formulas properly. So don’t skip to look into your formula book at the time of last-minute revision for neet 2022. here you can download the NEET Physics Free Study Material

Also, while revising make sure that you go through all the highlighted notes you have marked in your book when you started with your course. These highlight points will act as short notes for you and you won’t have to waste your time reading the entire context at the time of revision. This is one of the best neet last minute revision Strategy

These are some of the best ways to revise neet Physics, Check the NEET Best Course for Revision Prepared by Kota's best faculties.

NEET Chemistry Revision Strategy -

You need to understand and learn the entire periodic table by heart. The periodic table plays a vital role in chemistry. Make sure that you go through it at regular intervals.

You might have marked some questions previously which seemed to be difficult to you, don’t skip to attempt those questions while you start with your revision. If you want to score well then you need to have NEET Smart Revision Strategy here you can download the NEET Chemistry Free Study Material

NEET Biology Revision Strategy -

You need to have a flashback of the entire chapter in 5 minutes. Then once you have a glimpse of the chapters you can get deeper into the diagrams and the concepts.

Don’t commit the mistake of cramming the topics of biology. Students often leave biology to study at the last time and when they pick their book they start mugging the topics. also here you can download the neet biology study material in pdf formate 

So instead of creating this problematic situation make sure that you start with your biology syllabus on time and while revising you should go through all the points that you have marked important previously.

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How to Make Revision Notes for NEET 2022?

Making notes is a complicated task for many students.  Here are some tips for you that you can consider when you are failing to draft your notes:

  • Be sure that you don’t start to prepare your notes at once when you are beginning with the chapter for the very first time. You need to go through chapters 3-4 times after this only you will be able to analyze what points are important. You just need to note down the most important points that can help you to cover the entire syllabus during your revise easily.
  • Remember you have to prepare your notes and not write a novel. Try to complete your chapters in the least number of pages you can. The lesser the number of pages the easier it will be for you to cover the entire syllabus in the shortest time.
  • Note down all the questions that you couldn’t solve at once, in your notebook.

You can consider this Revision strategy for neet. Also, the students are advised to go through the NCERT properly once again at the time of revision. Never skip practising the NCERT practice questions. Don’t underestimate the NCERT at all. Studying smartly is really very important.