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NEET Aspirants: How to Deal With the Exam Pressure

18 Jul, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET Aspirants How to Deal with Exam Pressure

The time to give wings to your dreams has arrived. Being one of the toughest competitive exams it has a success rate of mare 15%. As this exam arrives the stress meter of the students rises up, this exam pressure is accompanied by the pressure from the family, teachers and the strong competition faced from the other students. The stress is a major reason why some NEET aspirants fail to secure better marks in the NEET exam. 

To get rid of the nervousness, pressure, stress and anxiety it is important for the NEET aspirants to get acquainted with the tips that will help them deal with pressure.

In this article we have mentioned one of the best stress relieving tips that will help the NEET aspirants ace the NEET exam with flying colors. 

How to deal with exam pressure during NEET 

More revision less stress

The vastness of the NEET syllabus contributes to the stress of the NEET aspirants. The syllabus is so wide that it becomes a task to stick all the required information in their brains. And the exam pressure stress level only rises when you cannot remember or your preparation is incomplete. Now what can be done to deal with this? The answer is timely revision. Regular revision helps you retain all that you have studied before. You should start your revision 3 months prior to the exam.Timely revision will help absorb and retain better and not only this it will get you an idea of your weak areas. 

Learn- practice- test pedagogy to rescue

The learn-practice-test is the best technique to prepare for the NEET exam tips. It will help you absorb the topics in a better way. Skipping any one of the steps can make you feel stressed and pressured. Maintaining speed is a vital factor in NEET preparation and hence focus on maintaining speed and accuracy. 

A smart study schedule to deal with Exam Pressure

Every individual student differs from the other and thus the study requirement also varies. Knowing your needs, prepare a study schedule and allot time to every subject and topic. Add small breaks in the timetable so that you feel exhausted during long hours of study. 

Set daily goals in the study plan and aim at accomplishing them at the end of the day. This will five you a sense of fulfillment and will also help you finish your NEET exam syllabus on time. Following this technique the NEET aspirants are sure to ace in the exam. 

Get rid of the distractions

You need to understand what is affecting your NEET prep. Mobile phones, television, etc can be very distracting and even toxic sometimes. If you are wasting so much of your precious time on useless apps then you need to delete them as soon as possible and put your phone away. And give all your attention to the NEET prep. 

Practice meditation

This is a world famous technique of releasing anxiety or exam pressure, it will help you channel your energy and help you concentrate on a long term task. Practice meditation for at least 20-30 minutes everyday and you will see a positive change in the NEET preparation. NEET aspirants who practice meditation have good chances of scoring high marks. 

So, these are some of the techniques that the NEET aspirants should follow to overcome stress during the NEET exam. 



Can a dropper become a NEET topper?

If you are dedicated towards your NEET preparation then you can crack the NEET exam with flying colors. 

How do you start a NEET dropper?

The following are the tips that you should follow if you are a NEET aspirants:

  1. Prepare a proper time table

  2. Get acquainted with the syllabus

  3. Prepare notes

  4. Stay regular and revisions

  5. Practice previous years question papers 

  6. Take mock test series 

  7. Focus on your weak areas

  8. Take small breaks 

  9. Meditate every day

  10. Sleep well

  11. Stay healthy

Is Ncert enough for NEET?

The NCERT books are important but not enough for the NEET exam. NCERT provide a good hold of the basics but to move to the advanced level concepts you need to take help of refrence books.

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