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NEET exam in 5 months: How to win the race in the remaining time?

12 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET exam in 5 months

Cracking the NEET exam to get admission to the top medical college is the dream of many aspirants. To crack the exam, students begin their preparation years prior. To some realization comes a bit late and then dissolves into the myth that NEET cannot be nailed in a short period. But it is a fact that preparation done in a short period with tremendous hard work will yield better results than preparation done for 2 years with little or no effort. With the NEET exam drawing closer some of the latecomers have begun their search for how to crack the NEET exam in 5 months.

Will it be easy to prepare for the NEET exam in 5 months?

You can ace the NEET exam in 5 months but do you think that it's the question you should be asking at the moment? 5 months is all you have. All your focus should be on utilizing the time to the fullest and not wondering about whether or not it will be easy to keep up with the NEET preparation in 5 months. 

A list of well-formed strategies will help you crack the exam.

Strategies to crack the NEET exam in 5 months

Listed below are some of the strategies that will make these 5 months the most productive ones:

A well-structured study plan

Just 5 months left? But why bother, there’s nothing a perfectly formulated timetable cannot do. A major obligation that the preparation for the NEET exam demands is following a proper timetable. A study plan is necessary because it gives you a routine to follow during the time of the preparation. You prepare well when you are bound by a routine. Completion of the syllabus on time becomes a bit unchallenging when you are following a study plan that gives you plenty of time for revision as well. 

When you are not following a plan you have to spend a major chunk of your time looking for a chapter to study.

So, keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses, and your learning requirements, formulate a study plan and adhere to it. Also do not forget to add small breaks as it is a must to excel in the NEET exam in 5 months.

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Covering all the concepts is crucial

You can prioritize the chapters but cannot skip any. Each and every chapter or concept included in the NEET exam is of high importance therefore leaving any topic can cost you a good number of marks. You do not have to rush just because you do not have so much time, avoid jumping directly on the MCQs. Focus on excelling at the basics first then gradually move to the advanced concepts and then start solving questions. With ill knowledge of the concepts, you cannot solve MCQs no matter how easy they are. 

Once you are 100% sure that you have excelled in the entire syllabus, only then move on to solving the mock test. This will also help you keep up with managing the time.

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Get your hands on the best books 

At this point, you do not have time to get into multiple resource books and figure out which one will best meet your learning requirements and solve your purpose of excelling in the exam. Therefore it is important that you choose the right resource books. We do not want you to waste another minute and this is why we at ETOOS India provide the NEET aspirants with the best study material to make the NEET exam facile. A study material curated by a panel of experts will surely do all the trick in the NEET exam. Not just this, but the study material has been formulated in a language that is easy for the students to understand. So, with ETOOS India’s brilliant study material, preparation for the NEET exam in 5 months will be easy.

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Revision along with practice

We know that 5 months is a very short period to cover the entire syllabus and follow up with revision and practice. But revision is an essential part of the NEET preparation. But you can't give up on any as both are crucial parts of the preparation. To remember everything on tips till the time of the exam it is important that you are staying regular with the revision. To be better and quicker at problem-solving, practicing previous years' question papers and taking mock test series is a must.

Giving 1-2 hours of your day every day will help you work on your problem-solving skills and will make cracking the NEET exam in 5 months easy.

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Work on your weak areas

While practicing you will come across several questions that you will find difficult to find answers to or won’t understand at all but it is common to have this issue. Make a note of such questions so that you can understand them and make a grip on them later on. This will give you an analysis of the areas you need to work on.

NEET one year master plan


Now you don’t have to worry with just 5 months remaining because with the given strategies success is assured. Make a timetable of your own and kickstart the preparation at the very moment. Good Luck!


What should be the pattern of studying PCB for qualifying NEET?

Study PCB for the NEET made feasible with the given tips:

  • Prior knowledge of the syllabus is crucial

  • Follow a timetable with an achievable set of goals

  • Figure out what requires more attention

Which are the best books to crack NEET-UG?

The study material provided by ETOOS India is brilliantly curated by experts in a manner to meet the learning requirements of the aspirants. The study material is high quality and concise to make the NEET exam unchallenging for you.

Which institute's study material is best for NEET?

With so many options available ETOOS India stands in a higher position when talking about the best study material for the NEET exam. The study material here has been formed by a group of experts in a comprehensive and reliable form to meet the learning requirements of the students. 

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