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NEET success rate: The reasons behind a flat success rate

08 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET Success Rate Reasons Behind Flat Success Rate

With just 83,000 available seats in private and medical colleges, it is quite a grueling task to mark your territory on one of the finest Medical colleges. The number of NEET applicants increases every year. More than 8 lakhs students apply for this which is a lot more than the number of seats available, thus decreasing the NEET success rate. The NEET is one of the most grueling exams that demands dedication, hard work, and persistent effort. 

Not every student who registers for the NEET exam appears for it because many applicants drift from their path during the journey. 

What causes a low NEET success rate?

It is not just the shifting from your path that causes a low NEET success rate but various other factors like level of competition, paper pattern, and being over or under-confident are some of the few more reasons that make the NEET exam hard to clear. 

Given are the reasons that to the low success rate of the NEET exam: 

1. Level of competition

The competition bar of the NEET exam has only ever been increasing, one cannot even assume a decline in the bar of the number of NEET aspirants. The availability of seats in the NEET exam, which is constant every year, cannot match the ever-elevating number of NEET aspirants. Therefore even after getting a fairly good score a number of NEET candidates are unable to fit into the desired college. 

2. Paper pattern

Yet another reason that affects the NEET success rate is the pattern of the NEET exam paper. A total of 200 questions are asked in the NEET exam out of which the candidates have to answer 180 in 180 minutes. That means that the students are given 1 minute for every question. This might sound quite easy as the questions asked demand several sets of skills. 

3. Time plays a major role

The time allotted to the aspirants to finish the entire NEET paper is far less than the time allotted to the JEE aspirants. The students have to finish 180 in 180 minutes, the reading time is too short. Thus the students are left with even less than a minute to solve a question. 

4. Wide syllabus

The NEET exam comprises a vast syllabus that incorporates chapters from classes 11 and 12 Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which makes 100 chapters in all. To be well-versed in all 100 chapters is a challenging task. To achieve a good score after putting years into preparation for this exam is a dream. Many a time the students are unable to even complete the entire NEET syllabus by the time of the NEET exam. 

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5. Negative marking

Another factor that affects the NEET success rate is the negative marking scheme. The students are awarded 4 marks for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. The negative marking scheme of the NEET exam makes things even more challenging for the students. And with negative marking making doubtful guesses is surely not an option.

6. Dependence on procrastination

Some said it right, tomorrow never comes. Postponing things for tomorrow will only do more loss than gain. Not just students, even adults are used to this habit of procrastination. Delaying the NEET preparation thinking you can begin it tomorrow then are in the wrong lane. You will fall prey to this habit and will end up losing a lot of your precious time. Especially when preparing for exams like NEET, you have to cover such a huge syllabus in such a short span, procrastinating is not really an option. Procrastination is the gravest reason for the low NEET success rate. 

Begin the preparation the moment you decide to fight the race. 

7. Unorganized preparation

Management is everything when looking forward to cracking the most strenuous exams. For this purpose, it is important that you follow a timetable to help you keep a track of time. A well-structured timetable not only assists in covering the entire syllabus on time but also provides enough time for revision. 

Looking at the points given above it is transparent why the NEET success rate is so low. But as a NEET aspirant, you should not be bothered about the success rate but you should divert all your attention to better preparation. Because with better preparation the desired college will fall in your court. 


Which are the best books to crack NEET-UG?

What I would recommend is ETOOS India’s study material, a group of experts has formed this study material in a well-structured manner to make the most challenging exam unchallenging. You can access this study material in either PDF format or can opt for books, the choice is yours. With ETOS India’s study material NEET won’t be as arduous now.

What should be the pattern of studying PCB for qualifying NEET?

Study PCB for the NEET made feasible with the given tips:

  • Prior knowledge of the NEET syllabus pattern is crucial

  • Follow a timetable with an achievable set of goals

  • Figure out what requires more attention

Which institute study material is best for NEET?

The NEET study material provided by ETOOS India is brilliantly curated by experts in a manner to meet the learning requirements of the aspirants. The NEET study material is high quality and concise to make the NEET exam unchallenging for you. Therefore, this is why ETOOS India is the best NEET preparation institute.


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