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Strategies to Score 600 Marks in NEET Exam

13 Mar, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET is known to be one of the most difficult papers of the country, yet one can easily witness the craze of students for becoming a doctor with the number of names that get enrolled in the NEET aspirants list. The competition is ever increasing and it isn’t easy at all to score well. There are many students who participate in this exam some are able to live their dream by scoring well while some are left behind.

Strategies to Score 600 Marks in NEET Exam

The biggest difference that occurs is because of the strategies. If you are a NEET aspirant then you need to have with you the right strategies so that you can easily climb the ladders of success.

To help you in analyzing the correct strategies we have for you certain suggestions. Before we begin, remember, you have aspired to be a doctor, the path is a little complicated but if you put the right amount of effort and you are able to focus on your goal then nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dream.

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Have a look at how to get 600 in neet 2022:

Forming a proper timetable

As you already know the NEET paper comprises three subjects namely, physic, chemistry, and biology. All the subjects are equally important if you want to score well. You need to invest proper time in the entire subject only then you will be able to get an outstanding result. So as you begin with your preparation don’t skip drafting a timetable. You need to have a timetable with you to organize your schedule, every single minute counts. Make your time fruitful and productive by studying with the help of a timetable.

 Good books are our best friends

Students often commit the mistake of piling their study table with lots and lots of books. If you are also one of those students then your technique won’t be effective at all. You need to have a few but the right books with you.  Make sure that you complete the entire NCERT before you begin with any other book. Apart from NCERT, you can take the assistance of the ETOOSINDIA study material; it is prepared by the best faculty of Kota. Studying from the NCERT is one of the best tips to crack neet.

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Practice makes a man perfect

The more you practice the easy it will be for you to shape your path of success. You need to have Previous Years’ Question Papers and Sample Question Papers with you. If you are searching for any type of question papers then you can take the assistance ETOOSINDIA team. You will get various solved previous years’ papers. The toppers are of the opinion that the student should surely practice from these as this will help them in increasing their question-solving capacity. The students will get aware of their leads and flaws. Don’t forget to follow this tip if you are confused, how to crack neet with 600 marks.

Understanding the weaker sections

You need to be aware of the areas that can make you lose ample marks. Remember it is essential that you gain command over the entire syllabus to be able to score well. Try to figure out your flaws with the help of Practice Sheets and Mock Tests.  You should try to improvise those topics. Also, once you are done with the entire syllabus you should start with your revision. Don’t underestimate or overlook revision. Revision is very important and you should revise twice before the paper. It is a vital tip on How to score 600 in neet 2022. You can choose to revise with the help of the ETOOSINDIA Revision Course.

Look after yourself

You need to spare time for your body as well. You have a dream but that doesn’t mean you will compromise with your health. Until and unless you aren’t physically fit your brain won’t be able to learn things actively. You should eat healthily and take proper sleep. Also, make sure that while studying you take necessary breaks in between. Your brain cells get tired with continuous hard work, so don’t forget to provide your brain the required amount of rest. You can choose to take the assistance of various NEET 2022 Courses that are created by the ETOOSINDIA team.

Hope these tips on how to get 600 in neet 2022 will help you in reaching your goal.

Good luck & study well.

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