Smart Study Strategy to Succeed

CBSE board exam results largely determine the career path you will tread on. It is
thus imperative to study with complete dedication and give in your best to score
well in these exams. However, mere motivation and determination is of no use if
you do not get the right guidance.

ETOOS has designed study programs to provide you expert guidance sitting in
the comfortable confines of your home. Their CBSE courses do not only prepare
you for your board exams but also make you ready for the upcoming competitive

One of the main strategies of
the successful is that they constantly seek guidance
from experts in their field.

Yearlong Course

Yearlong courses are the ones that are available for the entire academic session. At ETOOSINDIA, these are available for Physics, Chemistry and Maths for class 11th and 12th. In a yearlong course, the validity of 365 days is available.

Complete Course

Complete courses cover almost all the topics of class 11th and 12th, with a validity of 365 days. You can view these unlimited number of times during the validity period.

CBSE Crash Courses

Available for class 12th, these courses have especially been designed to offer you rigorous training in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. These are available with a validity of 365 days or less.

Topic Based Course

As the name suggests, topic based course provide thorough training on a particular topic Various topic based courses are available to help specialize in different topics. The validity of each topic based course differs based on the content covered in it.

All course you need, you can meet in ETOOSINDIA
  • 4CBSE Yearlong and Complete
  • 6CBSE Crash
  • 52CBSE Topic
    Based Courses
Key Features of ETOOS CBSE Courses
Designed by Top Kota Faculties

All the ETOOS CBSE Courses have been designed and developed by the best faculties from Kota. These faculties have a thorough understanding of their respective subjects and years of experience in the field. They are also aware as to how to put their point across to help the students grasp it easily.

HD Quality Lecture

The video lectures available here are high in quality. They offer you the feel of sitting in a real classroom like environment. These are available in VOD, DVD, USB and mobile.

Additional Material

ETOOSINDIA has made available previous years’ papers and solutions and free CBSE sample papers. These are helpful in understanding the CBSE examination pattern.

ETOOS Scholarship Program

Special Scholarship offer is given to the deserving students. ETOOSINDIA is continually striving to reach out to the students in different parts of the country to help them realize their dreams.