Correct Study Strategy to Succeed

Not everyone succeeds in the though IIT JEE. In fact, even geniuses have failed.
Surprisingly, very intelligent students often have to struggle before succeeding.
Some argue that success in IITs has more to do with motivation, organization
and determination than sheer intelligence.
This is true, however all these need to be coupled with the right guidance
in order to make it to the IIT.
ETOOS strategies and learning programs are designed to provide IIT aspirants
with the skills and strategies needed for success. You’ll find these skills helpful
not only with your studies, but with life in general.

I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the
direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life
he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected
in common hours.

ETOOS Regular JEE Courses
Yearlong Course

Yearlong course means, lasting for entire a year. Yearlong course is specially desined for a particular class, like especially for 11th or 12th. In a yearlong course, one can avail a validity of 365 days.

Complete Course

Complete course comprises of almost all the topics of class 11th and 12th, with a validity of 365 days. There are specially designed for those students who are re-appearing in their respective competition exam and wanted to revise the syllabus in just 1 year.

Topic Based Course

Topic base courses are beneficial for those students guidance on some particular topics. Every topic base course is having a validity according to the content present in it.

All course you need, you can meet in ETOOSINDIA
  • 26JEE Complete
  • 56JEE Yearlong
  • 505JEE Topic Based
Feature of ETOOS JEE Courses
Designed by Kota Faculties.

All ETOOS JEE Courses is are Designed by top faculties of Kota is a very sophisticated configurations.
These faculties carry several years of experience and have an in-depth knowledge about the subject as well as the examination pattern.

HD Quality Lecture

All ETOOS JEE Courses are available in HD quality. The excellent quality of these lectures offer you the feel of a real classroom like environment.

Rich Study Material

ETOOSINDIA provides video solution, free video lectures, study material, sample paper and past exam paper. You will also get all the useful information about past and current JEE. This content is updated frequently.

Online Test Series

Build your Personalized Exam Strategies through Etoosindia Online Test.
There are 135+ Chapter Test and 50,000+ Adaptive Practice Questions 10+ Mock Test and 5 Yrs. Previous JEE (Main & Advanced) Exams with Solution.

ETOOS Scholarship Program

To motivate and reward the deserving students, ETOOS offers Scholarships under ETOOS Scholarship Programs. ETOOS is doing its best to ensure that the aspiring IITians get admission in their dream college.