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How to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam

08 Jan, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

How to Prepare for 12 Board Exams: We as students often commit the mistake of overlooking the time we got to prepare for our exams. There are many students who keep pending their preparation; my dear students always remember that tomorrow never comes. You need to be vigilant towards your class 12 board exams if you dream about getting into one of the top colleges.

How to Prepare Class 12 Boards Exam.

The last 2 months being extremely crucial, you need to be attentive towards your goal. Class 12 has been given supreme position in the Indian education system, so prepare for board exams class 12 in the best way. Here we have for you a list of tips that you can consider to boost your 12 boards preparation to get on the list of toppers.


How to Prepare for Board Exams Class 12​​​​​​​

Students can go through the below Board Exam Preparation tips. It will help students on their Board Exam Preparation.

Being with a Timetable  

The first step towards your preparation is, you need to draft a proper timetable where you allot equal hours to all the subjects. Studying without a timetable is like studying without any goal.

There are students who don’t believe in drafting a study timetable and that’s the reason much of their time gets wasted when they sit to study as they are not able to understand which subject or topic they should begin from. You need to target all the topics and all the subjects; you can’t skip any if you want to score well. If you are also looking for ways, how to prepare for board exams class 12 then make sure you don’t ignore this tip.

NCERT is Essential

You need to understand the fact that NCERT plays a vital role in framing the success of the students. The students often neglect the NCERT as they feel that the level of NCERT is low. No matter what, you need to focus on completing the NCERT Solutions first. The NCERT helps the students in understanding the basics properly. Once you are able to gain command over the NCERT, then it will become easy for you to answer the high order thinking questions easily.

Make sure that you read and understand the entire NCERT thoroughly. Don’t neglect the practice questions and the extra questions, try solving them all. Don’t get overburden with the different books like guides, or any other publishers’ books. here Students Check the best books for board exam preparation.

These points will surely help you in reaching your answer on how to prepare for the 12th board exams.

Group Studies are also Effective

If done properly, then the concept of group studies can also be very helpful. You and your friends can study the topics together which you found difficult. When you will sit to study with your friends, you will get a chance to discuss and understand all those concepts that can cost your marks. Also, it becomes easy to answer difficult questions when you are studying in a group. It is also said that you can easily summarize the concepts and keep them for a longer duration in your brain.


Many students don’t pay much attention to their handwriting. In order to attract the attention of the teacher checking your answer paper, you need to have good handwriting. In case your handwriting is poor, then I would suggest that you should surely work on improving it. It might be possible that you might have written the right answer but the teacher deducts your marks because he/she was unable to read what you wrote.

Keep away all the Distractions

When you start with board preparation class 12 keep in mind that you maintain distance from all sorts of distractions. You need to focus on your goal; anything that hinders your success should be kept aside. don’t put your time on useless things like Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform. You feel that you won’t be using your media handles for more than 5 minutes but eventually what happens is that you end up scrolling the feeds for 2 hours. Every second, every minute counts; you have an ample lot of course so don’t get trapped in the web of media.


Once you are done with your syllabus, you need to start with your revision. The more you revise the more are your chances of getting on the list of toppers. There are students who get free after completing their Board syllabus; you shouldn’t be committing this mistake you have to give enough time to revision. You can practice with the help of previous years' question papers and sample question papers. This will help you in increasing your accuracy and speed.

Caring about yourself

Take proper rest. You need to sleep properly, to stay fit. Avoid eating junk food.

Hope these tips will help you in your preparation. Study hard, you will surely be able to touch the skies of success.