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Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

29 Jul, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

Class 12 has been given a supreme position in the Indian education system. The students who get a good score in the class 12 exam get into the college of their choice very easily. The students who opt for science in class 11 find it difficult to score well in chemistry in the class 12 board exam. Chemistry is a very interesting subject if one studies it with proper concentration. You should have the correct strategies with you to study chemistry. You shouldn’t follow the last moment technique if you want to score high in this subject. You need to focus on chemistry the entire year, only then you will be prepared for this subject in the right way. Here we have for you some Tips to Get 90+ Marks in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry, let’s have a look:

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Make Sure That You Study With The Help Of A Timetable

Making a timetable for your board preparation is mandatory. You shouldn’t avoid a timetable. There are various students who feel that there is absolutely no need of drawing a timetable. Firstly, you should be aware of the importance of a timetable. When you have your timetable with you, you are mentally prepared beforehand regarding what topic you will be picking to study. Make sure that before you start with your class 12 board exam preparation for chemistry you draft a well-organized timetable for you. Also, you need to develop the habit of following the timetable rigidly. If you are giving a particular hour to this subject then scoring well won’t be a difficult task for you. Remember drafting a correct timetable is one of the most important CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips for Chemistry.


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Choosing The Best Study Material

The next important CBSE class 12 Chemistry preparation tips 2021 is that you should have with you the best study material. If you have ample study material and books with you, but the quality of matter isn’t good then those piles are of no use. You need to have with you a few but the correct books for the CBSE chemistry class 12 board exam. If you are fed up searching for the correct study material then you can take the help of the ETOOSINDIA study material. This study material for chemistry is prepared by the top faculties of Kota. You can visit the ETOOSINDIA website and get their ETOOSINDIA Study Material.

Also, don’t skip the NCERT. No matter what, you have to invest enough time completing the NCERT. You have to command your basics, and the only way to do so is study with the help of the NCERT.

Understanding The Importance Of Previous Years’ Question Papers And Solving Them

If you feel that practicing from the previous years’ question papers and sample question papers is of no use then you are doing wrong. You should focus on practicing as much as possible. When you practice with the help of previous years’ question papers mad sample question papers you get to know about your leads and flaws. Once you are aware of your week sections, you can improvise them so that these topics don’t affect your marks. Students often fail to complete the entire question paper, the reason being that their answering speed is very slow, to avoid this mishap you should practice the previous years’ question papers and sample question papers. This is one of the most effective CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam tips.

Get varieties of question papers for your practice from the ETOOSINDIA website along with the video solutions.

Make sure that you follow all these Preparation tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2021. If you are willing to study from the top faculties’ Kota for your CBSE chemistry board exam, then you can choose to study with the help of the ETOOSINDIA Courses. The best chemistry faculties will assist you in accelerating your preparation. There are various perks of choosing the ETOOSINDIA courses:


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