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Preparation Tips for Class 12 Mathematics Exam

16 Jul, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

 Preparation Tips for Class 12 Mathematics Exam

Math- this subject gives goosebumps to many students. Undoubtedly, math is the only subject where the students don’t require to cram anything. The cbse boards are given supreme importance in the Indian education system. The students who score well in class 12 board exams get the college of their choice. If you have math as one of your subjects in class 12 then you need to have strong preparation tips that’s can assist you in boosting your performance. In this article we have for you CBSE class 12 Maths Preparation Tips. So, without wasting time anymore, let’s have a look at these tips.

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Forming The Timetable And Getting Familiar With The Syllabus

As you begin with your class 12 board exam math preparation you should have a proper timetable. Make sure that you invest enough hours regularly to this subject. Nothing can be better than regular practise, if you want to master this subject then all that you require is practising. Have a schedule where you put definite hours to this subject. Also you need to focus on planning which topics should be covered firstly. Students often waste a lot of time in deciding which topic should they begin from, to avoid this the best thing is while you plan your timetable you should also plan the topics on which you will be focusing.

Check CBSE Board Exam Syllabus

You should become familiar with the syllabus. Check the syllabus properly, it would be better that you go through the syllabus first before you decide the topics you will be covering initially. Students skip to check the syllabus, and then they miss some or the other important topic. Hence, it is very important to thoroughly examine your syllabus. You can get the syllabus from the Etoosindia website or from the CBSE official website.


Solving The Previous Years' Question

All of the toppers are of the opinion that solving the previous years' question papers is of supreme importance. There are students who don't value this concept, but if you want to score high in math then you should surely follow this rule. You can get as many previous years' question papers and sample question papers from the Etoosindia official website along with the video solutions. These are of great help, as they will help you in understanding your week points, also you will get to know about the question paper pattern, which indeed is essential to manage your speed. Get the question papers today and start practicing. 

Paying Focus On The NCERT

Did someone ever tell you that you shouldn’t waste your time on Ncert? If someone did, then be sure that you don’t listen to any such nonsense. Ncert is the only book that can help you in understanding the base of the topic. Until and unless your basics aren’t clear you won’t be able to solve the high-level questions. Work on the Ncert first and then choose the other books. Don’t overburden your study table with piles of books, you need have few but the right books with you. Etoosindia has got the best study material, prepared by the top faculties of Kota.

Keep Revising The Topics You Have Covered

If you want to be in the list of top scorers, then you need to cover the topics over n over again. Students after completing the syllabus once, become confident but this approach is totally wrong. You need to revise the syllabus as much as possible. Keep practising the topics you covered previously. Etoosindia offers various revision courses, these courses are highly-focused on helping the students in covering the entire syllabus in a short time.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Last-Minute Tips

Before you appear for the paper, make sure that you follow these tips:

  • Keep your mind and body relaxed.
  • Make sure that you eat healthy
  • Keep revising, but take necessary breaks to retain the energy of your brain

Hope these how to prepare for class 12 maths board exam tips will help you.

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