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CBSE 2022 Board Exam- How to attempt Question Paper?

24 Mar, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Class 12 is given a supreme position in the Indian education curriculum. There are several students who study hard to score well in class 12 board exams but due to lack of knowledge to write the answers in the answer sheet they miss a lot of marks. Often it happens that due to high pressure and stress students tend to forget all that they have learned.

CBSE 2021 Board Exam- How to attempt Question Paper?

Hence one should have the right Tips to Write Perfect Answers in Exam. The art of writing the answers is really important. So here we have for you some tips and strategies so that you can attempt your exam in the best way:

Make the best use of the additional 15 minutes

The board allots additional 15 minutes to the students in which the question paper is distributed. These 15 minutes are given so that the student can go through the entire question paper and have a draft in their mind regarding who will answer the exam. The students should use these 15 minutes in the right way so that as soon as the exam commences they can begin writing the answer. Check the question paper properly and make sure that you write your exam smoothly and correctly. Don’t get panic if you feel that there are the question which you might not be able to answer.

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Write adequate answers

If someone ever told you that the best way to score marks is filling as many answer sheets as you can then you are requested not to follow any such strategy. When you are writing your board exam it is mandatory that you write the correct answer. The answer should be meaningful and within the word limit. Stretching the answer will reduce your time that you have to invest in other questions. Always remember writing stories won’t help you in begging extra marks. Also, don’t try beating the bush to make your answer look lengthy.

Prioritizing the questions

You have to figure out which all questions will you be answering furs. It is recommended to begin with the questions that you have the correct idea about. In case there are questions that are tricky or you feel you aren’t aware of their answer, and then it would be better that you keep such questions to be done at the last. Don’t get stuck on a question and waste time thinking about the answer. After you finish writing the answer you known then you can put your time on the question you didn’t attempt.

Decorating the answer sheet is of no use

Do remember if you are decorating your answer sheet then you are doing nothing except wasting your precious time that you would have rather utilized in writing the answer. Make sure that you use only two color pens i.e. the black pen for writing the headings and the blue open for writing the answer. Also, you should only use a pencil for drawing the diagrams. You are a CBSE class 12 student your answer sheet looks simple and not funny.

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Keep calm

You have invested a lot of time preparing for your exam. Don’t get panic looking at the answer sheet and the question paper. Keep your mind away from all the negativity. You have to focus on writing the answer, don’t get distracted from anything, don’t wasting time looking here and there. When you get your question paper, read all the questions very carefully. In case there are certain questions you are blank, just keep them for the last. Stay motivated you have worked hard the entire year you will surely able to score well.

Check your answer sheet

You have to finish answering the questions on time so that you have plenty of time left to check the answer sheet properly. You should check the answer sheet twice. You need to have a recheck of the answers that you have written. Many times it does happen that you skip attempting a question, in case you have committed any such mistake then you would easily be able to detect it when you will check your answer sheet. Check properly the details you have filled in, like your roll number.

Follow these tips if you want to score optimum marks in board exams 2022.