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7 Major Preparation Mistakes Of NEET That You Should Avoid

17 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

7 preparation mistakes of NEET

When the ambition is to become a doctor you add in toilsome efforts to win the cut-throat competition. The students lodge robust strategies coupled with years of preparation, and sterling efforts to excel in a formidable exam like NEET. You might be following a robust set of strategies and putting in all your hard work but are you sure that doing all these would definitely yield you a sweet fruit? Because you are often told the Do’s that you should follow and not the don'ts' that you should avoid. Committing preparation mistakes of NEET can have a huge impact on your grades. Making a single mistake can pull down all the efforts that you have been making so far.

Major preparation mistakes of NEET

So, in this article, we are introducing you to some of the common preparation mistakes of NEET that students make. Avoiding these mistakes will help you breeze through the NEET exam:

1. Underrating the basics

Just like you are required to have a rigid footing of the base to construct a multistory, just like that you need to have an excellent grip on the basics so that you can cover the advanced concepts with ease. The entire building will fall if its bedrock isn’t well grounded. And so will happen with your NEET exam if you keep underestimating the basics. To make the bubble of your NEET preparation stronger you need to work in the direction of providing your preparation with a firm base. Avoid this preparation mistake of NEET and get your concepts cleared.

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2. Procrastinating can be a degrading factor

Delaying things for tomorrow is a major preparation mistake for NEET. Once you get into the never-ending loop of delaying things for tomorrow, you only push your success even further. Procrastinating can later cause consequences for you. It is suggested to sit, form a well-structured study plan and start following it at this very moment. 

3. Avoid multitasking

You might be a multitasker but sailing on two boats at the time of the NEET exam can have major repercussions. The complexity of this exam demands undivided attention. So, while studying your entire focus should be on studying only. If you are in the habit of watching TV shows, web series or listening to music while studying, now is the time to give this habit up. You can do all this in your short breaks. Look for the right place to study where you can study with proper focus and with proper posture.

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4. Juggling between multiple references books 

A major preparation mistake for the NEET you might be making without even realizing it is juggling between books to avoid missing out on any important topic. A thing that you should keep in mind is that the NEET exam covers the syllabus of  Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for classes 11th and 12th NCERT. Thus covering just the NCERTs and its resource books is enough. Reading from multiple books will give you multiple interpretations of the same topics which will only make you puzzled.

5. Focusing on a single subject

Students who have a deep zest for Biology appear for the NEET exam and shift their entire focus to this subject only. Biology contains the highest weightage in the exam but Physics and Chemistry should be paid equal attention as well, as it is the sum marks of all three subjects that form your grades for the NEET exam. 

6. The consequences of guesswork

For every correct answer in the NEET exam, the students are allotted 4 marks and 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. In case of not knowing the answer and to fill the OMR sheet the students opt for guesswork that might be wrong a number of times. Make a guess only when you are sure that the guess has a higher possibility of being correct. If you have taken mock test series or practiced previous years' question papers you might be aware of the consequence of negative marking. The deduction of a single mark can bring you a 100 rank down. 

7. Dropping of the confidence

Dropping in the level of your confidence is a huge preparation mistake of NEET. Taking mock test series regularly is a habit that you should adhere to while preparing for the same. But taking a negative impact on yourself with the results is not what you should follow. Mock tests give you a reflection of where you stand in the cut-throat competition thereby providing you an opportunity to work on your weaker areas. A thing to remember is that you should not get disheartened by the low score but rather keep working hard to achieve your goals. 

Best strategy to crack NEET


We all make mistakes, these are a part of life. But the key is to learn from these mistakes. So, it's time that you start working on your mistakes and work hard to achieve your goals. Take note of the above-given pointers and turn these preparation mistakes of NEET into a weapon to get a good score.

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How should I prepare for the NEET at home in 6 months?

Here are some of the tips that will help you ace the NEET exam in 6 months:

1. Make the right choice while opting for the reference books

2. Importance of Time Management

3. Regular practice for perfection

Can NEET dropper aspirants share their study timetable?

Every individual is different and has a different life, hobbies, and plans and that is why their timetable should be different too. You cannot copy a topper's time table and expect it to help you the exact way it helped you. You can take inspiration from it but you need to build one for yourself that will serve your learning requirements.

Will NEET be conducted in 2023?

The NEET 2023 is expected to be conducted in May 2023.

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