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A Perfect Study Plan To Crack NEET Exam In 9 Months

30 Aug, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Crack NEET exam in 9 months

Have you applied for the NEET 2023? Then you must be seeking options that will help you crack this highly coveted exam in a single attempt. And no wonder you might even have found tips that may aid your preparation but when appearing for such arduous exams along with what needs to be done while preparing for the exam you must be close to all the points that need to be avoided. That’s why we are here to provide a perfect study plan to crack NEET exam in 9 months.

And as all of you are quite smart, it's not every day that someone comes and tells you what not to do. But sometimes even the smartest of the smart person falls prey to such odds and ends up doing the stupidest of things. And acknowledging this we are here today to divulge everything that you need to avoid while preparing for the NEET 2023 exam. 

List of Do’s and Don’ts to make the best study plan to crack NEET exam in 9 months

Given below is a list of Do’s and Don'ts to make the best study plan to crack NEET exam in 9 months:

1. Multiple resources

When preparing for challenging exams like NEET 2023, what the majority of aspirants fall prey to is using multiple resource books for the preparation of the NEET exam. The reason being every book has a different interpretation of the same topic which can lead to ambiguity.

Candidates often make this blunder to cover every single topic no matter how unimportant it may be. The use of multiple books can have you demented and thus will result in a lower score. 

This habit should be given up right away. It is recommended to the NEET aspirants to focus on the NCERTs as 75-80% of the questions are asked from these books.

2. Daydreaming or visualizing

It is important to keep visualizing your goals as it motivates you to work even harder to get closer to them. The idea of wearing the Doctor's coat and holding the stethoscope may look very pleasing to you. But as pleasing as the picture is in your head, as difficult as it is. You need to take action into practice to set your dreams into reality. Just daydreaming about that one day when you will become a doctor and not putting effort will leave you empty-handed. 

Therefore working hard is the only way that will help you become a doctor.

3. Looking up to topper strategies

If you are focused on your NEET preparation then the first thing you might have done is watched lots of topper videos and interviews to get an insight into what helped these students to crack this strenuous exam. Now a thing to note is that we are nowhere mentioning that watching or taking help of topper videos is a bad idea. But what should not be followed blindly is the strategies they adopted. 

The learning and understanding capacity varies from student to student and so does it varies from topper to topper. You cannot follow the strategies of the topper and expect yourself to ace the exam. The preparation strategies of every 2 toppers differ and this is why before forming your preparation guide it is important to know what would suit your needs. What suits you might not suit other candidates and vice versa.

Now that you are aware of all the things that you need to avoid while preparing for the NEET 2023 exam. 

Let's jump to all the things that you need to take into action to sweep through the exam that will help you to crack NEET exam in 9 months.

Tips To crack NEET exam in 9 months

The following tips will help you crack NEET exam in 9 months:

1. Value time

The NEET is one of the most grinding exams majorly due to the vastness of the syllabus, which needs to be covered at least 2 months prior to the exam. And considering such a vast NEET syllabus it is important to keep track of time. 

When preparing for such competitive exams every single minute of the preparation is important. But students often end up procrastinating that ultimately leads to low scores. To avoid this you need to stop procrastinating at this moment and focus on forming a realistic timetable that will help you keep a track of time. Following a well-structured study plan will not only help you stay goal-oriented but will help you cover the entire syllabus with ease on time. 

2. Accomplish daily targets

At this point, you must be done with forming a well-structured timetable focused on allotting equal time to every subject. Now you are supposed to pen down a daily set of targets that needs to be achieved on time. Accomplishing daily targets will not only help you cover the entire syllabus on time but will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

3. Practice more and more

The NEET question paper comprises 180 questions that need to be completed in a span of 180 minutes. This might sound a bit challenging but not if you keep practicing regularly. Practicing regularly helps you improve your problem-solving skills and gives you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the exam. You can either opt to practice from the previous year's question paper or take the aid of mock test series. NEET Mock test series are formed on the basis of NTA pattern paper that will not only familiarize you with the paper pattern but will also acquaint you with the topics that require more focus. 

4. Be consistent 

When you are dreaming big about becoming a doctor then consistency is the one thing that you need to keep in mind. You need to keep your preparation constant and regular to breeze through the NEET 2023 exam and for that purpose you need to completely give up on procrastination. There might be days when you won't feel like studying. It is fine to feel that way but what is essential is that you must utilize such days by revising something that you find easy. 

5. Dealing with difficult topics

Most aspirants tend to skip difficult topics because they find them challenging to deal with or out of boredom. But the difficult topics are also the scoring ones and should not be neglected. Ignoring these topics can lower your overall score. And hence, it is crucial to excel in these topics too.



Will NEET 2023 be tough or easy?

NEET is one of the most arduous exams conducted in the country and hence it is important to follow the right preparation tips to excel in the NEET exam


How many hours should I study for NEET 2023?

If you are focusing on the NEET 2023 exam then it is important to give its preparation 12-15 hours a day. 


How do you get ranked 1 in NEET?

If you want to score top rank in the NEET exam then you must follow the right tips.


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