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What Is The Best Time To Start NEET Preparation?

10 Sep, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Best time to start NEET preparation

There is no specific age limit or time when it comes to start preparing for the NEET exam. Some students begin their preparation in 8th class, some in 11th while some begin just a year prior. Students begin to work like a trojan at an early age and join institutes for even better preparation, this cannot be called entirely inaccurate but the best time to start NEET preparation is when the NEET aspirants can have a clear understanding of the concepts, and their goals. The students are able to understand the concepts better in classes 10th and 11th and hence class 11th is considered to be the best time to start NEET preparation

NEET is one of the most demanding exams that requires diligent efforts and focus to ace through. 

When is the best time to start NEET preparation?

The students wanting to become Doctors are always questioning what is the best time to start NEET preparation. Well, it is suggested to all the NEET aspirants to begin their preparation in class 11th as it will give you ample time to work on your basics and build a solid grip over them. Good basics are essential to make your advanced concepts easy. 

The given tips will help you begin your NEET preparation from class 11th:

1. Get acquainted with the NEET syllabus

When you go on a road trip the first thing you need in handy is the map so that you don’t get lost and even if you do you have the map to guide you. The NEET syllabus is just like a roadmap that is essential to keep in handy while you are on your NEET journey. And hence, while preparing for the NEET exam it is important to familiarize yourself with the syllabus first so you do not miss out on any important topic.

2. NCERTs are a Bible

The difficulty level of the NEET exam might lead you into thinking that NCERTs are of no use but this might be the biggest mistake that must be made. NCERTs are a bible for the NEET exam and help you build a strong grip over the basics. The syllabus of class 11th and 12th NCERTs and the NEET syllabus have several common topics, thus ignoring NCERTs can have you miss out on various topics of the NEET syllabus. The NCERTs cover all the topics, be it very minor ones, to great details that make the NEET exam easy for you. So, when you begin your NEET prep from class 11th you will be able to cover the topics of NEET from class 11th in an uncomplicated way, and hence 11th is the best time to start NEET preparation. 

3. Be smart while choosing the right study material

It is quite easy to find the study material for the NEET exam but to find the right study material that will best suit your learning requirements is quite a challenging task. To choose the right study material you can take help from your teachers or watch toppers interviews about what helped them ace the exam. But make sure that you do not blindly follow the toppers video because every individual is different and thus has different learning requirements. What helped the toppers might not help you or vice versa. 

If you are searching for the best study material then ETOOS India is here to end your search. By registering for our courses you will get access to expert-curated study material that will make the preparation for the NEET exam unchallenging for you. 

We believe that the 11th is the best time to start NEET preparation and to aid your journey ETOOS India presents its well-structured course i.e, the Pioneer batch that focuses on covering the basics of 11th and 12th in the 11th standard and the advanced concepts of both the classes in 12th. 

4. Timely revisions

We tend to forget what we studied before if we do not keep interconnected with the topics. And this is how things work even in the case of the NEET exam. It is crucial to follow a timely revision plan that will help you keep updated with the syllabus. Make sure that you revise the topics that you have already studied weekly, monthly, or on a daily basis. 

5. Practice for perfection

As you already know that NEET is one of the most difficult exams for which lakhs of students appear every year. But out of this many students, only a few are able to clear the exam. Ever wondered why some students secure top ranks while some are nowhere on the merit list? Well, the reason is such students who could not secure a rank lack in practice. To ace the NEET exam it is important to stay regular in practice. You can take the help of the NEET previous year's question paper or can take the mock test series. 

Mock test series are formed on the basis of NTA pattern paper that familiarizes you with the actual exam. It also helps you boost your problem-solving skills. 

Therefore, it is quite clear why the 11th class is the best time to start NEET preparation. 


Is 1 year enough for NEET preparation?

The best time to start NEET preparation is in class 11th. If your 11th got wasted somehow, then you can prepare in a single year too with the proper tips.

What are some effective NEET preparation tips from the experts?

Following are some tips for NEET preparation:

  1. Prepare a proper timetable

  2. Get familiar with the syllabus

  3. Prepare notes

  4. Do not skip NCERTs

  5. Focus on your weak areas

  6. Practice the previous year's question paper

  7. Take mock test series

  8. Keep distractions away

How can I get 700+ marks in the NEET 2024?

The following tips will help you score 700+ in the NEET 2024:

  • Follow a proper study schedule

  • Get familiar with the syllabus

  • Prepare notes

  • Revise regularly

  • Do not skip NCERTs

  • Opt for the right reference books

  • Practice previous years question paper

  • Take mock test series

  • Study during your productive hours

  • Keep distractions at bay

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