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Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam

10 Jul, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam

Students who opt to study biology in class 11th and 12th look for ways to boost their preparation. If you are also a class 12 student biology student, then you should have with you the correct strategies to enhance your preparation. Class 12 board exams are very important, as on the basis of the marks scored in class 12 board exams the student is allotted college for higher education. Begin your biology preparation the right way, here we have for you CBSE Class 12 preparation tips for Biology 2021 and assure your excellent score.

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Take Out Time To Study Biology Daily

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is, you have to dedicate a certain amount of hours to this subject daily. There are many students who are of the opinion that biology, is nothing except cramming hence they leave this subject for the last minute. If you want to score well in this subject then you have to invest proper hours. This is one of the crucial CBSE Class 12 preparation tips for Biology 2021.


Getting The Best Study Material

You need to have with you the best study material to study biology for class 12 biology exams. Make sure that you don’t skip the NCERT, NCERT is very important from an exam point of view. You need to complete the entire NCERT before you choose any other book. You don’t need to buy numerous books; you just need the assistance of few right books. If you want you can take the ETOOSINDIA biology book. They are prepared by the best faculties of Kota with vivid explanations.

Be Familiar With The Syllabus

While preparing for CBSE 12th Biology paper, you need to get familiar with the syllabus. So before you start preparing for your class 12 board biology appear, go through the entire syllabus properly. Have a look at the number of topics, and draft a timetable accordingly. You need to be sure, which topics will you begin with, and how much time you will invest in different topics. Don’t think about skipping any of the topics in the syllabus, if you want to be in biology top scorers, then it is essential for you to cover the entire syllabus.

Practicing Is The Key To Success

Before you appear for the exam, it is recommended that you make yourself familiar with the question paper. Prepare yourself for the CBSE 12th Biology paper by practicing more and more previous year's question papers and sample question papers. Prepare yourself for CBSE class 12th Biology 2021 with the help of ETOOSINDIA you can get numerous question papers from the ETOOSINDIA website.

There are various advantages of practicing the question papers:

  • You will be able to enhance your answering potential
  • You will learn the art of time management, which is essential as many students due to their solving speed fail to answer all the question
  • You will get familiar with the types of questions asked

Many toppers and experts consider practicing the question papers as one of the most effective  CBSE Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips 2021.

Understanding The Diagrams

The students studying biology should pay equal focus on understanding and practicing f the diagrams. Diagrams are a supreme part of this subject. Don’t overlook them at any cost. The students are suggested to explain the answer with the help of a diagram where ever possible. And be focused on all the definitions. The students can choose to learn the definition with the help of flashcards. Keep practicing the diagrams, so that you can smoothly draw them on the day of the exam without wasting much time.


Revision Is Very Necessary

Once you have completed the entire syllabus, keep revising the topics over and over again. Give more time to the topics that have got higher weightage. With the proper revision, you will be able to boost your score in biology very easily.

If you are looking for the best guidance for your class 12 board exam preparation then all that you need to do is get the ETOOSINDIA study material prepared by the top faculties of Kota. You can sit at your place and concert your room in a classroom with the help of Etoosindia.