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NEET 2022-Effective strategies To Score 160+ in Chemistry?

23 Apr, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET 2022-Effective strategies To Score 160+ in Chemistry?

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test also known as NEET is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) of the country. Every year lakhs of students sit for this exam with the objective of getting a seat in one of the top medical colleges of the country. Any student who wants to seek admission in MBBS, BDS, and Ayush courses has to clear the NEET Exam. There are approximately 66000 seats available for admission and for this handful amount more than 13 lakh students fight the competition. To get on the list of toppers isn’t an easy task at all, one needs to have the correct preparation strategy to climb the ladder of success.

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The NEET paper is centered on three subjects namely physics, chemistry, and biology. The chemistry section is very scoring, this section is allotted 180 marks. There are students who feel that cramming the theory of chemistry will help in scoring better but this notion is wrong. This subject consists of both practical understanding and theoretical knowledge. Chemistry is a fun subject and can help you in the right way to boost your score. If you want to score more than 160 in the chemistry section of NEET 2022 then here we have for you the required tips.  Let’s have a look:

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Starting with the NCERT

There are students who are of the opinion that studying from the NCERT is nothing but just a waste of time. If you also follow this misconception then you are going wrong. To create the much-essential base for your subject it is mandatory that you focus on completing the entire NCERT on priority. It will help you in getting familiar with the subject.

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Too many books isn’t a great idea

If you feel that piling your study table with numerous books will help you in reaching your goal then you are completely wrong. It’s not about too many books instead, it’s about the one right book. Once you are done with the NCERT then you can choose to study some other advanced-level books. ETOOSINDIA offers the best quality books for the preparation of the chemistry section. These books are prepared by the top facilities of Kota and the best part is that they contain solved questions of the NCERT curriculum. So make sure that instead of wasting your time, money, and energy in buying bundles of books you treat yourself with the one right book.

Solving the Previous Years' Question Papers and Sample Question Papers

One of the most effective strategies to boost your chemistry score NEET 2022 is to practice as much as possible. As you might have heard practice makes a man perfect, so without wasting time as you keep finishing your topics start practicing them with the help of Sample Question Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers. You will be able to enhance your question-solving potential and also your speed will multiply. Remember, this strategy is sure to take you to your goal. You can get as many question papers as you want from the ETOOSINDIA website.

Making Notes and Doing Revision

Don’t get overconfident once you are done with the entire course. The exam is difficult and dealing with the course just for once won’t help you at all. You have to revise, revise and revise. The revision will help you in making your concepts strong. You will be able to cover all the topics that you might have skipped previously in the hurry of completing the syllabus. Developing the habit of making notes, notes will help you in quick revision. Also, you should keep a handy formula book with you, keep writing the equations, and formulas. Make sure that you learn the entire periodic table by heart.

Get Familiar with the Syllabus and Topics

You should be aware of all the topics that are a part of your NEET Syllabus. You should plan your studies in a manner that provides time for all the topics. You need to pay a little more attention to topics that have higher weightage.

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Follow these strategies if you want to see yourself on the top scorers’ list.